An artificial Undead created from the Scorpion Undead (right-half) and Chameleon Undead (left) being fused by Tennoji into one monster that had access to their attributes and two buckles on its belt. Tennoji unleashed the monster for endgame, using Scorpion's Undead Venom and Chameleon's cloaking/disguise abilities to turn the Riders against each other. By acting that he fell under the power of Joker, Hajime and the other Riders tricked Titan to reveal itself, defeating Titan by Blade King Form's Four Card with Garren and Leangle splitting Titan back into two sealed Undead.[
Episodes 41-44
Rouze Boss Jashin 14
Jashin 14 is a monstrous entity, sealed in a Stone Relief, whose power is reserved for whoever wins the Battle Fight. However, it requires the life of a human who came near the slab that houses it. Amane was targeted by the Albino Joker as a sacrifice in place of her father who evoked it prior to his death. Once fully awaken, it was used by Albino Joker to fight the Kamen Riders until Hajime sacrificed himself to weaken it for the Blade King Form to destroy with Royal Straight Flush.
The Roach Army
Humanoid Cockroaches created in overwhelming numbers by the Stone of Sealing once Giraffa is sealed and Joker is the victor of the Battle Fight. They serve Joker for purpose of destroying all life on the Earth prior to the Battle Fight resetting, targeting humans endlessly. When they die, they dissolve into green mist, only to be replaced with even more Darkroaches thanks to the Stone. Once Blade became the Navy Joker, the Darkroaches existence was no longer needed.
Episodes 47-49
White versions of the Darkroaches created by Albino Joker Undead. Though likely existing in the same purpose as their blacken counterparts, the AlbiRoaches served no higher purpose (at least in the Missing Ace film) other than aiding their master in capturing Amane, implying the Albino Joker had more control over them. It is also shown they are capable of flight. Unlike the Darkroaches, the AlbiRoaches can exist despite the presence of other Undead.
Missing Ace
Series:  Kamen Rider Blade