Royal Club Undead
The Royal Club Undeads are those of Category Jack, Category Queen, and Category King, special classes that can disguise themselves as humans and speak human language. They are feared by the other Undeads and either work in teams or work alone. If sealed, the Jacks and Kings serve as "upgrade cards" for the Riders to assume Jack and King Forms, with the Queens functioning to evoke the transformation.
Peacock Undead
The first Jack Undead that appears and creator of the Leangle Buckle. He deceives Garren into working for him, until he killed Sayako for meddling in his affairs. His power in human form is telekinesis, as well as summoning fireballs and mass hypnosis he used to recruit humans to his aid. Sealed by Garren's Burning Divide. In a Missing Ace preview, he chases Natsumi Miwa and Shin Magaki before an offscreen defeat at the hands of Glaive.
Episodes 5-15, Missing Ace
Orchid Undead
A cunning Undead , using others to get what she wants. She can summon vines to bind victims and fire a mist from the face on the back of her head. Kotaro, who has a crush on her, continues to befriend her despite what she has done to him and rescues her from Hajime. This resulted with her unable to cope with human emotion as Chalice seals her before she kills Kotaro.
Episodes 20-25
Capricorn Undead
A male Queen Undead teams up with Orchid Undead to get Blay Buckle from Kenzaki but fails when Chalice interferes with the battle, eventually being sealed. In battle, the Capricorn Undead possesses a high pitch scream which can obliterate anything.
Episodes 20-21, Missing Ace
Eagle Undead
A Jack who can summon feather shurikens to use in his aerial attacks. He made a pact with Chalice to fight as the two last Undead standing 10,000 years ago. In the present day, he misidentifies Hajime as the Mantis Undead as he saw Hajime transform into Chalice. He took the Change Mantis card from him with intend on avenging his comrade. Sealed by Blade's Lightning Sonic.
Episodes 22-23, Missing Ace
Wolf Undead
He turns the corpses of his victim into werewolfish minions, pretending to be an Undead Hunter who hunts the werewolves and other Undead down. He is able to transform his hands into wolf-like claw, whom he was about to use on Kenzaki until Garren stopped him. His ultimate plan is to use Kenzaki and Tachibana to empower Black Fang, a bike stolen from B.O.A.R.D, before the bike was destroyed and the Undead was sealed. When King stole Hajime's cards, Kenzaki gave the sealed Fusion Wolf to Hajime, allowing him to assume the Jack's form.
Episodes 24-25
Elephant Undead
An Undead who though he's pacifistic, he has an enormous physical strength, which is also evident while he's human. He usually found sunbathing near a pool; he wants to lay low until the battle fight is complete, thus he being the winner by taking out the victor in a sneak attack. He seem it pointless to fight an enemy unless he knew the limits of the opponent's ability, deciding to make his move in the confusion. This results with the Elephant Undead being the first to be sealed by Blade in his Jack Form. He was then unsealed by Leangle who requested his help in fighting the Keroberos Undead, but was defeated and resealed by it.
Episodes 24-26, 45
Tarantula Undead
The wisest one of the Undead. Shima is different from other Undead as he has a good heart and loves humanity. He is also a friend of Kei Karasuma, whom he met in Tibet, who entrusted the Rouse Absorber to him and sent him to oversee Blade and Garren and tries not to transform unless necessary, in turn tries to end his fights quickly. He has a yellow canary bird named Natural. He helps Mutsuki to relinquish Spider Undead's influence by leaving himself be sealed by Leangle's Blizzard Crush. But his sacrifice was in vain until Tiger Undead sacrificed herself, allowing Shima to finally lends his power to Mutsuki to help him defeat the Spider Undead. Unsealed in Missing Ace to be resealed by Lance's Impact Stab.
Episodes 26-28, 42, Missing Ace
Serpent Undead
A medusa-like monster that is hunting for the Joker, having the Tortoise Undead to aid her. Her hair changes to snakes and can be used as whips, and she has that hysterical laugh all the time, even in public, somewhat a psychotic person. She was wounded by Ryo Mikami, Hajime's look alike, and sealed by Chalice, who gives the sealed Absorb Serpent card to Garren to successfully assume his own Jack Form.
Episodes 29-30
Caucasus Undead
An annoying but strong Undead, who poses as a teenage boy. He loves to cause trouble and mess with everybody, steals Hajime's Rouse Cards and giving them Mutsuki in order to enjoy the "mess" to result. He uses telekinesis and can summon his shield by clapping his hands. Though he managed to take his deck from him, Blade managed to beat him and sealed Caucasus with Blade Rouzer.
Episodes 31-34
Tiger Undead
She has a great pride and fights with dignity. While in human form, she possesses uncanny speed and strength. Once learning the Battle Fight is fake, therefore fighting without purpose, she infiltrates BOARD, only to encounter Titan and learn of Hiroshi's intent. She attempted to hurt Nozomi out of rage of the Battle Fight being a fake. She asks Tachibana to borrow his Rouze Absorber, later fighting Leangle to have herself intentionally impaled on the Leangle Rouzer and taking the Proper Blank to seal herself. In Mutsuki's subconscious, she encourages him to continue to fight with both light and darkness.
Episodes 35-42
Giraffa Undead
Posing as a human with eye glasses, he is the first Undead to learn the truth about the fake Undead battle and the last Royal Club Undead to be sealed. He kills Tennoji, after using the Riders to fight for him, and steals the Keroberos card to possess the power to seal the Black Joker himself, black-mailing Hajime with the event of their fight tied to the death of Amane's father to finish the fight. However, Garren intervene and battled the Giraffa Undead on his own, with his Garren Rouzer having no effect. The Undead was eventually sealed as Garren grabbed him and both plunged off the cliff they battled on.
Episodes: 41-47, Missing Ace
Series:  Kamen Rider Blade