Name: Daisuke Kazama
Designation: Kamen Rider Drake (Masked Form and Rider Form)
Weapons: Drake Grip, ZECT Mizer
Gear: Drake Zecter
Vehicle: Machine Zectron

Daisuke Kazama is an impulsive 22-year old man, whom loves women and fights to protect a little girl, nicknamed 'Gon', who has amnesia. He has incredible make up skill that can change even the ugliest girl into a goddess. He describes himself as wind, which always goes around flowers. He is a new and inexperienced Rider, lacking the knowledge about Worms. He is not a member of ZECT and is often a target of their attacks because of this. Daisuke is not content being a Rider. He only transforms in order to protect himself, Gon, or women. When Gon is kidnapped by Shun Kageyama, Daisuke goes to all lengths trying to save her. He was blackmailed into fighting Kabuto. He eventually is helped by Tendou, Kagami, Hiyori and Yuzuki during his quest to save Gon. He meets a woman whom he later discovers is Gon's mother. Daisuke meets another woman to return Yuriko Takayama (Gon's real name) to her mother Junko, but was interrupted by the Viella Worm, the same Worm that attacked Junko and Yuriko, causing the amnesia.

Daisuke protects the mother and daughter, but was separated from Gon during the commotion. He defeats the Viella Worm, but only before Gon regains her memories as Yuriko, completely treating himas a stranger. He leaves for an unknown destination after the Gon incident, and after a long absence, returns in Episode 25. Drake, along with Kageyama as Kamen Rider TheBee, was the first Rider to utilize the full body Put On system. They both performed this to try and defeat the Uca Worm, but she still defeated them. It is revealed that he is suspected of being the murderer of a rival make-up artist and is being pursued by the police. A Worm imitating Daisuke fakes its death in human form to convince the other Riders that the real Daisuke is a Worm. After losing to the other four Riders, Daisuke lost the Drake Grip. Kageyama made it look like he was returning the Grip to Daisuke, but the Worms instead takes the Drake Grip and transforms with it.

After Kabuto knocks the Drake Zecter Gun out of the Worm's hand, the Zecter flees, undoing the transformation, and Gon retrieves the Grip, returning it to the real Daisuke, who defeats the Worm. With this incident, Drake joins the battle against the Worms and acknowledges Gon as his partner. Gon gave the Drake Grip to Tendou during episode 33. At first Tendou thought that Daisuke had given up the Drake Grip without a fight, but Gon reveals that she took it without permission. If "the man who walks the path of heaven" says it must be done, then it must be done. After Tendou released the Zecters he had once collected, Daisuke returns after a long absence and meets Rena Mamiya after her memory was erased by Tendou due to the Hyper Sting attack. He meets Rena several times, and they seemingly fall in love, with Daisuke helping her all the time. Even after remembering that Rena was a Worm, he says that the Rena currently is not a Worm, but a changed person. His fury driving him, he brings out his reacquired Drake Grip and assaults Tendou, only to be disturbed from their fight when another Worm attacks Rena. Although Daisuke strives to protect Rena from the Riders and Worms after her, he ultimately fails after saving her from the Hoppers.

Their extended battle triggered Rena's Worm memories once again, returning her to the evil creature she once was. Her human half fights for control however, and so she injures Daisuke but heals him back all the same. Daisuke asked what was her dream when she was a human, hoping to make it come true. Working together, Daisuke manages to get Rena to perform on stage, making her dream of holding a concert come true, albeit not having an audience. Rena then tells Daisuke, after all this is over, he needs to make the right choice and destroy her, for she can no longer live as a human without endangering others. Daisuke, faced with a tough decision, destroys Uca Worm by shooting a Clocked Up Rider Shooting at her, sending her to a regular speed Rider Shooting that he fired earlier. He held her in his hands as she died. In the epilogue, Daisuke is still the same outgoing person he always was and continues to travel with Yuriko.

Series:  Kamen Rider Kabuto