Name: Tetsuki Yamato
Designation: Kamen Rider Ketaros
Weapons: ZECT Kunai Gun
Gear: Ketaros Kabutech Zecter, Rider Brace
Prominent member of ZECT, he uses the Ketaros Zecter and follows Mishima's orders in order to create the Jacob's Ladder station. He is loyal to ZECT and is given the mission to eliminate Neo-ZECT. He knows that members who have betrayed ZECT must be destroyed under any circumstances. After meeting Kabuto in the space station, they begin to fight in outer space using Clock up, but end up falling off of the space station with Yamato dying upon re-entry. He transforms using the power of the bronze Kabutech Zecter. He uses the ZECT Kunai Gun and his skills in close-range, speed fighting. The design is a bronze Centaurus beetle. By using Rider Beat, the stored tachyon particles become fused within the ZECT Kunai Gun, resulting in a stronger Avalanche Slash.
Series:  Kamen Rider Kabuto