Kiva Form
Kiva Form is Kiva's default form, accessed through a bite from Kivat, whose status determines Kiva's ability in a battle. He is able to see in the dark with his visor called the Omnilens. In this form, Kiva can use any of the Fuestles, with the Wake Up Fuestle to open up the Catena Chains on his right leg known as the Hell's Gate made of Lucifer Metal so Kiva can use his Rider Kick the Darkness Moon Break. The kick has an impact of 30,000 kg, enough to leave a crater in the shape of a bat's wings (Kiva's insignia) on any surface upon contact; the glass body of a Fangire shatters instantly. Kiva can also perform a stronger variation of the Darkness Moon Break when engulfed in Castle Doran's fire. When the Darkness Moon Break is performed, day turns into night and a crescent moon appears in the sky.
Garulu Form
Garulu Form is Kiva's form accessed from the Garulu Fuestle and being energized by the Garulu Saber. In this form, the Omnilens and Kiva's chest/left arm armor turn a shade of blue called Garuru Cobalt which places Kiva under the influence of Garuru. This form's power is linked to the phases of the moon, and is at its peak when the moon is full. The Garulu Form, is capable of manipulating sound, has increased speed and cunning due to the form's animalistic ferocity and is able to perform the Garulu Howling Slash.
Basshaa Form
Basshaa Form is Kiva's form accessed from the Basshaa Fuestle and granting him access to the Basshaa Magnum. In this form, the Omnilens and Kiva's chest/right arm armor turn a shade of green called Basshaa Emerald which places Kiva under the influence of Basshaa. While in this state, Kiva loses most of his strength and ability, but gains a mastery of long range combat and is able to analyze an opponent's weak point to target with accurate marksmanship. Basshaa Form can also manipulate water, able to create rain as well as a pool of water necessary to perform the Basshaa Aqua Tornado. When it is performed, day turns to night and a half moon forms in the sky, as it references the change ebb and flow of the tides during its phase.
Dogga Form
Dogga Form is Kiva's form accessed from the Dogga Fuestle and granting him access to the massive Dogga Hammer. In this form, Kiva's entire upper body gains bulky armor and the Omnilens turn a shade of violet called Dogga Purple, under Dogga's influence. In this form, Kiva loses most of his speed but gains unbelievable strength, able to overpower a Fangire easily. Dogga Form is able to manipulate electricity, using it as part of his finisher, the Dogga Thunder Slap. The Dogga Hammer can see through the invisibility of Fangires.
DoGaBaKi Form
DoGaBaKi Form, shortened from "Dogga/Garulu/Basshaa/Kiva Form", is Kiva's rarely seen form accessed by the summoning of all three Arms Monsters. In this form, Kiva's left arm turns into the Garulu Arm, his right arm turns into the Basshaa Arm , and his upper body turns into the Dogga Breast. In this form, Kiva can use all three Arms Monster weapons at once and the Darkness Moon Break. However, due to the danger it presents to Kiva and the Arms Monsters, Kiva can only assume this form for five minutes before its power becomes lethal.
Emperor Form
Emperor Form is the true form of Kiva referred to as the Golden Kiva and the most powerful form at Wataru's disposal. The fifth form accessed, the first emergence of Emperor Form comes from the reaction to Wataru's rage from the harm coming to Mio, his girlfriend, which summons Tatsulot to awaken the form. By pulling the switch on Tatsulot, Wataru can activate Tatsulot's Imperial Slot and activate one of several "Fever" finishing attacks through a roulette system. With this form, Kiva can destroy both the body and the soul of a Fangire. Soon after gaining this form, Wataru gradually abandoned the use of his other forms
Flight Style
Resulting from infusing his own desire into the Bloody Rose, Wataru's Fangire nature is triggered as Kiva transforms from Emperor Form into Flight Style, a dragon-like form called the Emperor Bat which is similar to the Fangires' ability to become Sabbats. In Kamen Rider Kiva: King of the Castle in the Demon World, Arc forces Wataru to assume the form in an attempt to kill his father, Otoya Kurenai, only for Wataru to access Flight Style later to defeat him. Flight Style uses the blades on its wings called the Sonic Claws to perform the Demon Pliers attack and breathes the Hell's Flame from its Big Jaw. These abilities come into play for its finishing attack, the Bloody Strike.
DoGaBaKi Emperor Form
DoGaBaKi Emperor Form is a form seen from the Adventure Battle DVD, when Kiva accesses Emperor Form while in DoGaBaKi Form. In this form, Kiva can use all three Arms Monster weapons and execute the DoGaBaKi Emperor Break.
Save Mode
Burst Mode
Rising Ixa
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