Name: Takashi Sugimura
Designation: Kamen Rider Arc
Weapons: Arc Trident
Gear: Key Fuestle, Wake Up Fuestle, Mecha Kivat
Kamen Rider Arc is the alter-ego of death row inmate Takashi Sugimura. With the assistance of the mechanical monster Arc Kivat, he can transform into Arc, the King of the Castle in the Demon World. As Arc, he wields the 4m long Arc Trident and is the largest Kamen Rider to date at 3.2m tall. He can shoot a light bullet from the forehead. Through the use of the Wake Up Fuestle, Arc transforms into Legend Arc by assimilating the demon-eye of the moon to obtain the full power of his race, growing wings and a second set of arms. In the process, Arc Kivat assumes Mecha Kivat mode as his persona cast comes off and yells, "Go to Hell." As Legend Arc, he can open up the giant mouth/eye in his chest known as the Dead Crusher and create the Ultima Black Hole (to perform the Ultima Dead End finisher with the destructive power of 120t. Arc's name comes from a Japanese word Aku, meaning "evil".
Series:  Kamen Rider Kiva