Name: Takato Shiramine
Designation: Kamen Rider Rey
Weapons: Gigantic Claw
Gear: Key Fuestle, Rey Kivat
Kamen Rider Rey is the alter-ego of Takato Shiramine, an aloof loner of the 3WA (World Wide Wing Association). With the assistance of Rey Kivat, an intelligent computer created by the 3WA, he can transform into Rey and is armed with the Gigantic Claw which are unleashed with the Key Fuestle. With the Gigantic Claw, he can perform the Blizzard Claw Execution with the destructive power of 28t. The Blowning Shoulders are with the grip of 9t, and the claw can be utilized as a spear. The 3WA researched the Demon Races, and developed the Rey System from researching Kiva. But since normal humans can't use it, Shiramine had himself baptized by the Legendorgas in order to be able to use the system. Shiramine rides his own white Honda DN-01 motorcycle. Rey's name comes from a Japanese word for "cold".
Series:  Kamen Rider Kiva