Ryo Itoya / Spider Fangire
Ryo Itoya is the human form of the Spider Fangire, he is an insane Fangire. Because of his encounters with Yuri and Otoya in 1986, he has become obsessed with her. In 2008, his obsession shifts to Yuri's daughter Megumi, making attempts to have her for himself. In his final attempt, he accidentally gains the Ixa Belt and uses it to make Megumi his. But once he loses the Ixa Knuckle due to his attraction to Megumi, Ryo is weakened by the Garulu Fever of Emperor Form and then destroyed by the fully awakened Mio. He uses hand puppets to talk to his prey, cowardly attacking weaker opponents. He first appears in 1986 at a funeral where Yuri attempts to kill him but he escapes via his invisibility ability. Though Otoya lacks the strength to fight Ryo, Jiro manages to force the Spider Fangire to retreat. At 2008, Ryo reintroduces himself while abducting Megumi due to the resemblance to her mother. Unfortunately, the Sheep Fangire's own obsession with Megumi proves a hindrance in Ryo's plan. When Ryo attempted to abduct Megumi personally, he gets attacked by Ixa, escaping when Kiva gets attacked himself and finding the rider's body along the shore, still living. With this bit of info, Ryo manages to get Keisuke to spare him for the moment and go after Megumi without fear of Ixa's interference, though it was only to serve in Keisuke's interests of getting Kiva out to the open, driving the Fangire off once he did his job. When the Bishop arrives, Ryo was used by him to awaken Mio as the new Queen, stealing the Ixa Knuckle as a result. After losing the Ixa Knuckle due to his attraction to Megumi, he is later severely beaten by Kiva in Emperor Form before he was completely destroyed by Mio, fully awakened as the new Queen.
Episodes: 1, 5-6, 11-12, 25-26
Horse Fangire
Wielding a sword as his weapon and able to breathe mist, the Horse Fangire poses as a successful company manager in 1986, feeding on his secretaries until Yuri attempts to kill him. However, Otoya's interference allows him to escape. By 2008, the Horse Fangire assumes the identity of a teen model agent, targeting Megumi. Due to Megumi's trickery, the Horse Fangire ends up being destroyed by Kiva and sealed in Castle Doran. Another Horse Fangire is present during the events of Climax Deka, accompanying the Pink Rabbit Imagin as they fight Den-O and the Taros. He is destroyed by Den-O Sword Form.
Episode 1
Octopus Fangire
Wielding a violin and learning under Otoya, the Octopus Fangire lures humans to feed on, usually other female violinists. In 1986, Yuri is ordered by Mamoru Shima to protect Hitomi Miyazawa, until she realizes that she is the Fangire. Her abilities include shooting ink-balls from her mouth, shooting tentacles from her body, and morphing her feet into skates. After her violin is damaged in the fight with Yuri, Hitomi is forced to go into hiding as Otoya refuses to help her anymore for using his teachings in a perverted way. Later in 2008, Hitomi gets Wataru to repair her violin, targeting Megumi for her mother's act against her, but Kiva's interference gives Megumi time to destroy the violin. The Octopus Fangire attempts to flee, but ends up being outmatched by Kiva and destroyed before being sealed in Castle Doran.
Episode 2
Moth Fangire
Able to spray powder and armed with a sword, the Moth Fangire first appeared in 1986 when she fell in love with Otoya when he was playing his violin in a garden. However, the fact he ignored her broke the Fangire's heart, driving her to attack Otoya, but Yuri's interference forces the Moth Fangire to escape, but vows to get back at Otoya. She resurfaces later in 2008 as a lawyer, tracking down Otoya with a list of the other people he victimized 22 years ago other than herself, finding Wataru instead to be the bearer of her wrath. She later attempts to kill Megumi at a baseball field until Kiva arrives to save her. But due to Wataru's current crisis at the time with his knowledge of his father's past, the Fangire manages to evade him. But when her two humans accomplices, also victimized by Otoya, decide to bury the hatchet after seeing Wataru's sacrifice, Natsukawa turns on them and kills them. When Wataru arrives, the Moth Fangire reveals herself to Kiva as she overpowers him until the Garulu Saber is summoned. He was destroyed Kiva Garulu Form's Garulu Howling Slash. Aya Natsukawa was the name of the human form.
Episodes 3-4
Sheep Fangire
Using a pistol as his weapon and able to move at a fast speed, the Sheep Fangire appears in 2008, stalking Megumi under order from the Spider Fangire. Though halted by Kiva Garulu Form, Keisuke's interference gives the Fangire time to kidnap Megumi. Though he did his part, Noboru grew obsessed with Megumi, driving the SpiderFangire away to have her for himself. But Kiva intervenes, assuming Basshaa Form to shatter the Fangire and feed his soul to Castle Doran. He was destroyed Kiva Basshaa Form's Basshaa Aqua Tornado. His human form was called Noboru Kuramae.
Episodes 5-6
Prawn Fangire
Able to shoot foam and use a halberd, the Prawn Fangire worried for the well-being of his kind's existence and sought a means to revive those who died losing their souls. His plan comes to fruition in 2008, becoming a chef of the 5-star Mason Sel'cour, targeting couples who attend his restaurant to take their Life Energy, their souls fattened with his special sauces, in order to use the collected energy in reviving his Fangire servants whose remains he had been safeguarding. But instead of being destroyed by Kiva, the Prawn Fangire sacrificed himself to complete the resurrections, with the revived members of the Fangire Race merged into a Sabbat. Kiva manages to destroy the Sabbat with Castle Doran's help. His human form was Count Inukai.
Episodes 7-8
Frog Fangire
Using a sword and a rifle, the Frog Fangire can fire energy warts on his shoulders. In 1986, Takeo Omura created the Black Star violin, attacking any he found not to have respect for his creation. He attacked Yuri for that reason before being driven off by Garulu. Later, Omura encounters Otoya after he stole the Black Star from Yuri, with Otoya's music soothing Omura to see Otoya as a worthy owner in spite of Otoya turning him down. However, Otoya has Omura promise to not feed on humans again, helping him escape to start his life anew with the disposing of the Black Star as the first step. In 2008, Omura keeps a music player that plays Otoya's music, a calming mechanism to keep him from breaking his promise. However, while taking a break, Omura is driven into a frenzy after hearing a rock group and lashes on them before fighting Kiva, the both exposing themselves to the other. After Wataru saves him from Keisuke, Omura reveals what happened in the past. However, Keisuke refused to accept it, provoking Omura into attacking people with Kiva almost forced to kill him. Though Omura regained his senses and ran off, he was found by Keisuke and mortally wounded by Ixa. By the time Wataru arrived, Omura apologizes for breaking his word before he dies.
Episodes 9-10
Earwig Fangire
Attacking Yuri after she meddled in his feeding, the EarwigFangire was the first Fangire to be destroyed by the Ixa technology in its prototype stage. He is destroyed by Ixa's Broken Fang.
Episode 11
Rhinoceros Fangire
Since 1986, Tohru Miyake poses as a Chief Manager of the Atelier Dreams talent agency, seeking young people working towards their dreams and taking their photo. Once he has them in his trap, he takes not only their Life Energy, but a cherish possession relating to their dreams as a trophy in his "Dream Graveyard" collection. In 2008, he tries to sucker Wataru into his trap, he is annoyed that the boy refuses and takes his suggestion to make Kengo a star. Kiva encounters Miyake in his true form, unable to defeat the Rhinoceros Fangire in Basshaa Form. When he learns that Miyake is the Fangire, Wataru takes his methods personally and protects Kengo from him, assuming Dogga Form to overpower him.
Episodes 13-14
Seastar Fangire
A maniacal Fangire that usually attacks by discharging electricity from the centre of his body and targets female athletes, targeting Mami as a result as she is haunted by the sound of his Life-Sucking Fangs. Posing as a criminal that Keisuke is pursuing, the Seastar Fangire played a part in putting Keisuke on the brink of madness by tormenting him in various ways. Though he overpowered Kiva in his normal form, the Seastar Fangire was no match for Kiva's DoGaBaKi form. With the Fangire destroyed, his hold over Mami faded. Human form was called Sakichi Sakaguchi.
Episodes 17-18
Ladybug Fangire
The Ladybug Fangire is the first known Fangire who can fly and has no known human form. He uses this ability to get the best of Kiva, Nago, Kengo, and Megumi, who cannot bring it upon herself to use the Ixa Knuckle against him. After being destroyed by Ixa, the Fangire's body explodes and its dispersed soul reforms itself into a Sabbat where it is shortly destroyed by the teamwork of Kiva and Ixa along with Castle Doran and Powerd Ixer.
Episodes 19-20
Chameleon Fangire
Posed as a clothing salesman named Yamashita in 1986, Yamashita runs Luxur and uses its clothing to track down his female prey. But in one incident, he encountered Dogga and was forced to flee for his life. Yamashita was later exposed when he fell for a trap set up by Yuri and Otoya, going into hiding. In 2008, the Chameleon Fangire resumes his method through Casuar, managing to elude both Ixa and Kiva before either can kill him. He later attacks Mio, whom he realized something was not right before being attacked by Kiva. Though he manages to catch Kiva offguard with invisibility, Kiva uses the Dogga Form's True Eye to pinpoint his location and shatter him.
Episodes 21-22
Grizzly Fangire
The Grizzly Fangire/Shinji Takeuchi is one of the few Fangire who betray their kind by falling in love with a human, living with his wife Ryoko whom he married in 1985. In 1986, after saving his marriage and planting a silk tree with his wife, Shinji is confronted by Queen, unintentionally saved by Otoya. By 2008, Ryoko is dying from a fatal disease with Shinji stealing jewelry to give to her as presents. But thanks to Wataru, Shinji manages to grant Ryoko her final request to see the tree that they planted, learning that she knows he was never human and still loves him anyway. But with his wife dead, Shinji goes berserk and attacks Ixa before attempting to kill Mio after determining her true identity as the new Queen. The attempt on Mio's life leads Wataru to unlock the true power hidden within Kiva and uses Emperor Form's Emperor Moon Break to mortally wound the Grizzly Fangire as he crawls to Ryoko's body to see her one last time.
Episodes 23-24
Shark Fangire
The Shark Fangire is recruited by the Bishop to aid Ryo in attacking Mio so she can become the Queen by force, being the one who killed everyone around her. While supporting the Spider Fangire in hunting down Mio, they are forced to fight Kiva before he is shattered by the Emperor Moon Break.
Episodes 25, 38, 46-48
Cicada Fangire
Appearing in 1986, the Cicada Fangire was shocked that Maya was not performing her duties as Queen, deciding to kill the artist Tanahashi to have her resume her duties. Originally, the Cicada Fangire was originally shattered by Ixa's Broken Fang, resulting with Tanahashi severely injured and bent on getting revenge on the Fangire Hunters in the present. However, Nago manages to negate this to ensure that his team is not arrested while allowing the Cicada Fangire to survive. Appearing in 2008 to aid the Crab Fangire, the Cicada Fangire is shattered by Nago successfully using Ixa's Rising form.
Episodes 27-28, 38-39
Crab Fangire
Able to spit acidic foam from his mouth, the Crab Fangire took advantage of the Fangire Hunters' crisis to go on a feeding spree until Nago altered the past. In the ensuing fight, Kiva snaps the Crab Fangire's right hand off before shattering him.
Episodes 27-28
Warthog Fangire
Wearing a cowboy outfit, Aberu is one of the Fangires who seeks to become the new King of the Checkmate Four. To that end, he targets any human with special abilities who may be the current King-to-be.
Episodes 29-31, 38-39, 46-48
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