Moose Fangire
One of the Checkmate Four's most loyal servants, Kurosawa promised Maya that on his life that he would guard Taiga. However, he worries for Maya getting too close to humans. In 2008, Kurosawa continues that vow as Taiga's aid in the D& P Company, serving as an assassin to take out humans who may revolutionize the world. However, when he attempts to kill Mio for following the same path as Maya, Taiga disowns Kurosawa and drives him off on the vow to kill him if he ever pulls a stunt like that again. But when Kurosawa attempts to kill Numakawa, he is found by Kiva and destroyed when Kiva uses the Dogga Hammer in Emperor Form.
Episodes 32-33, 38-39, 46-48
Tortoise Fangire
The Tortoise Fangire is one of the few Fangires who betray their kind by falling in love with a human. He is confronted by Mio and escapes her after she begins doubting the reason for her duties as Queen. Though he escapes her a second time, Numakawa is ambushed by Kurosawa and weakened as Kiva arrives to fight the Moose Fangire. Running from the fight, the Tortoise Fangire runs into Taiga, who personally punishes Numakawa for the unforgivable act of aiding humanity in progressing forward through his idea to turn water into a new energy source.
Episodes 32-33
Horsefly Fangire
A Fangire held by ex-Wonderful Blue Sky Organization scientist Dr. Kanda in his Evolved Lifeform Research Lab, she was used as a test subject in the man's Fangire research, force fed her captured kin's life energies and becoming stronger as result, using that power to severely wound Rising Ixa. However, in spite of how it seemed, Kaede was using Kanda from the start and had no more need of him in her schemes. After killing Kanda, the Horsefly Fangire kidnaps Mio to become even more powerful. However, this act infuriates Taiga as he executes Kaede for her cannibalism and attempt on Mio's life. A male version of the Horsefly Fangire is among the Fangires revived by Bishop, attacking Nago and Megumi until Wataru intervened and Nago killed the monster as Rising Ixa.
Episodes 34-35, 46-48
Rat Fangire
The Rat Fangire is a speed fighter who uses pistols or swords as weapons. Appearing in 1986, he is first targeted by Yuri until he attempts to kill her. When Maya interferes and intentionally tries to kill him, the Rat Fangire sought revenge on any Fangire entitled the Queen of the Checkmate Four. By 2008, the Rat Fangire developed the ability to multiply himself, overwhelming opponents with an army of clones until they are all shattered by Kiva Emperor Form with the Zanvat Sword in hand.
Episodes 36-37, 46-48
Mantis Fangire
The Mantis Fangire carries a scythe and drags a casket that holds the remains of Fangires, resurrecting them as mindless slaves to his will with intent on killing Maya for her transgressions. After Kiva decimated his army, the Mantis attempted to revive a new army, only to be impaled by the Zanvat Sword as it pierced through into the casket.
Episodes 38-39, 46-48
Seamoon Fangire
The Seamoon Fangire is under Bishop, attacking people with Ixa's users confronting him. Though outmatched by Kiva, the Seamoon Fangire was killed by a Mother Sagarc Taiga summoned to kill Kiva.
Episodes 40-41, 46-48
Silkmoth Fangire
The Silkmoth Fangire is the keeper of the Lost Woods where Castle Doran dwells. Silkmoth Fangire utilizes the Mirage Trident and displayed almost-godly powers while in her forest domain. Though she was driven off by Maya, the Silkworm Fangire's attempt to keep Otoya and Yuri from escaping ended with her killed by Otoya using the Ixa System.
Episodes 42-43, 48
Sungazer Fangire
The Sungazer Fangire ambushed Shima while he was visiting Yuri's gravestone, putting him on the brink of death. However, Taiga transfers some of the Fangire's essence into Shima with Dr. Kanda's machine to heal him. As a result, Shima is unable to control himself until he gets used to his new body before being seemingly killed by Saga, spirited away to receive medical attention.
Episodes 42-43
Polarbear Fangire
Appearing in 1986, the Polarbear Fangire was the first to target Maya after she was stripped of her powers, hoping to find an excuse to kill her. The Fangire attacks with his fast speed, spitting needles from the mouth and wielding a large sword. In the end, he was destroyed by the teamwork of Kiva and Ixa.
Episodes 44, 46-48
Neo- Fangire
The Neo-Fangire are a new race of Fangire from the year 2030, that are trying to make their way into present as Wataru, Nago, Taiga, Masao, Jiro, Ramon, and Riki transform into Kiva Emperor Form, Rising Ixa, Dark Kiva, New Kiva, Garulu, Basshaa, and Dogga to face this new threat. The Neo-Fangire have a similar design to a giant UFO.
Episode 48
Antlion Fangire
Assuming the form of an American man, the Antlion Fangire attempts to feed at the Great Ancient Exhibition when Megumi intervened. Though overpowered by Nago, the Antlion Fangire is converted into the Antlion Legendorga through the Mummy Legendorga's Control Death Mask, becoming his master's shield before they escape. The Antlion Fangire is later summoned during the Legendorgas' fight with Kiva, and is destroyed by the Rider.
Zebra Fangire
Sanjo is a penetentiary officer at the prison where Takashi Sugimura was held in until he lost his temper with the imprisoned Otoya after being knocked out by him and was forced to reveal himself, attacking his fellow officers while going at Otoya until Yuri arrives with the Ixa Knuckle that Otoya uses on him.
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