Agito's World
Toko Yashiro
Toko Yashiro, resembling Ai Yashiro of the World of Kuuga, is a scientist and the creator of the G-Series of Kamen Riders. Compared to Ai, Toko is more high-strung and sees the G3-X Suit as humanity's only hope. Toko also has some feelings towards Shouichi as Ai had for Yusuke, which was her motivation for building the G3-X suit. She monitors the condition of the operator and the G3 suit during combat from the G-Trailer mobile command base.
Kamen Rider G3-X
Shouichi Ashikawa / Kamen Rider Agito
Shouichi Ashikawa is a young man who supports the police, originally the user of the G3 system until he mysteriously disappeared. In reality, Shouichi left because he began to transform into Kamen Rider Exceed Gills, a partially evolved creature that is targeted by the Unknown. By the time the Unknown begin their attack, with Yusuke's help, Shouichi completes his metamorphisis into the evolutionary Kamen Rider Agito. While his world vanishes along with the others, he is revived after Decade's death and helps revive Decade. He later appears to help in the final battle with Super Shocker, transforming into Shining Form thanks to Decade's K-Touch.
The Lords are a group of powerful animal-headed disciples with a wing-shaped protuberance sticking out of their shoulders. They are referred by the police department as the Unknown and target any humans with abilities above normal or any threat to humanity, deeming themselves as humanity's holy protectors.
Taurus Ballista
Taurus Ballista, the Buffalo Lord, is one of the stronger Lords, armed with the Supremacy Torreana. Ballista embodies the Lords' purpose is to purge the world of any above average human for their own good. However, Tsukasa tells him that they do not need someone to protect humans as the Lord is destroyed by the teamwork of Decade, Agito, and Yusuke in the G3-X armor.
Formica Pedes
In Episode 12-13, Ant Lord soldiers who serve Taurus Ballista and their queen Formica Regia.
Formica Regia
In Episode 13, the Queen Ant Lord and Ballista's right hand, aiding him until she dies taking Agito's Rider Kick which is meant for her master.
Though the World of Agito has it own members of the Grongi Tribe, they are practically replaced by the surfacing of the Lords.
Episode 12, a bee monster that is labeled Unidentified Life Form #47. This Me Group member battles the police until he is blasted to bits by G3X's Cerberus.
Episode 12, a leopard monster that is labeled Unidentified Life Form #48. She is a member of the Zu Group that appears in the World of Agito. She is murdered by two Ant Lords as she attempts to escape from Diend.
Episode 12, a mushroom monster that is labeled Unidentified Life Form #49. He appears in the World of Agito. He is destroyed by the teamwork of Diend and the summoned Drake and Delta.
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