Faiz's World
Yuri Tomoda
Yuri Tomoda is one of Takumi's fellow students, a member of Smart Brain High's photography club with a dream to create the perfect photo journal. She is not as good-willed as she initially appears, expressing being prejudiced to the Orphnoch as well as believing Faiz to be an urban legend. However, when targeted by the Lucky Clover members, Yuri learns of Takumi's true nature. The situation leaves her confused until she sees Takumi attempt to protect her camera, hearing his reason for becoming Faiz. After the fight, Yuri convinces Takumi to keep protecting Smart Brain High to protect her dream.
Takumi Ogami / Kamen Rider Faiz
Takumi Ogami is a hot-blooded teenager who protects Smart Brain High from the Orphnoch, though his reason for doing this is a mystery. Takumi has the ability to transform into Kamen Rider Faiz through the use of the Faiz Gear along with assuming the form of the Wolf Orphnoch. While he doesn't appear to help in reviving Tsukasa in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Double & Decade: Movie War 2010 he still appears to help him battle Super Shocker and assumes Blaster Form due to Decade's K-Touch, though Takumi doesm't appear outside his Rider form.
The Orphnoch are humans who have entered the next stage in evolution, possessing heighten physical and other various special abilities. Several Orphnoch appear in the first episode where Decade assumes Faiz's form to fight them off. They include the Octopus, Okra, Pigeon, Dolphin and Rhinoceros Beetle Orphnoch.
Butterfly Orphnoch
In Episode 10, she was unable to become a student at Smart Brain High, she attacks a security officer until Faiz arrives and destroys her with his Sparkle Cut attack.

Momose / Tiger Orphnoch
Momose is a student of Smart Brain High who is a member of Lucky Clover: a group of top-ranked students who are actually Orphnoch. Momose's true form is that of the Tiger Orphnoch, possessing the power to revive Orphnochs on the verge of death. After learning the truth behind Faiz, Momose decides to take over the school and sire new Orphnoch from the student body. However, the Riders intervene and the Tiger Orphnoch is destroyed by Decade's Decade Photon.

Shukawa / Lobster Orphnoch
In Episodes 10-11, the only female member of Lucky Clover. Though she is resurrected by the Tiger Orphnoch, she meets her end against Decade's Decade Photon.

Genda / Dragon Orphnoch
In Episodes 10-11, jock member of Lucky Clover who is destroyed by Decade as Blade until the Tiger Orphnoch arrives and resurrects him into his muscular Majin Form. He is destroyed for good by Decade's Decade Photon. Genda is portrayed by CHIKARA.

Shirogane / Centipede Orphnoch
In Episode 10, booksmart member of Lucky Clover who is destroyed by Diend's Dimension Shot while attempting to steal the Faiz Belt.
Series:  Kamen Rider Decade