Shinkenger's World
Samurai Samurai Shinkenger
The Photo Studio group were astounded to find themselves in a New World that didn't have any Kamen Riders, called Shinkenger World. Takeru, Chiaki, Kotoha, Ryuunousuke, Mako and Genta were told that Kamen Rider Decade was going to destroy the world and believed Daiki's lie that Tsukasa's camera was a bomb. After the confusion was resolved, the Kamen Riders and Shinkenger defeated Chinomanako and traded the Ika Origami that Daiki stole from Genta for the Diendriver that Chinomanako stole. Takeru told Tsukasa he thought he wasn't a bad guy. Takeru's Jii gave Tsukasa advise and Jii and Eijiro befriended themselves.
Jii is the Shinkenger's mentor and ally, he trained Takeru and is like a father figure to him. Takeru wants Jii to go to the doctor, which he refuses and ends up at the Hikari Studio, where Mr. Hikari 'helps' him. He hides from his ilk when they enter but then reveals to Tsukasa that he is worried if they will ever come back after a battle.
Shinkenger's World
The Gedoushu
The Gedoushu are malevolent spirits that dwell in the Sanzu River. They enter the mortal world through gaps to inflict terror on the humans to allow the river to flood over both worlds. Their leading members live aboard the Rokumon Junk and consist of Doukoku Chimatsuri, Dayu Usukawa and Shitari of the Bones. Under their control are the Ayakashi who enter the mortal world, assisted by the Nanashi Company.

Chinomanako is an Ayakashi that steals the Diendriver and is able to become Chinomanako Diend Form, the World of Shinkengers' first native Kamen Rider. In addition to KamenRide Cards, Chinomanako has KaijinRide Cards, allowing him to summon monsters from the other Kamen Rider Series. As with other Ayakashi being the basis of monsters from Japanese mythology, Chinomanako is the basis of the Mokumokuren.
Moose Fangire
In Episode 25, an Fangire. Destroyed by Diend.
Eagle Undead
In Episode 25, an Undead. Destroyed by Diend.
Series:  Kamen Rider Decade