Tsukasa uses the Decadriver belt to become Kamen Rider Decade. When putting a Rider Card into the Decadriver, Decade can conjure the abilities of the cards. In Complete Form, the Decadriver is moved to the right side of his belt where Decade inserts his Final Attack Ride Cards and activates them by touching the Decadriver's window. In the film, Decade is transformed by a Diend Final Form Ride Card into the Jumbo Decadriver, a larger version of the Decadriver, which is worn by a Diend Kamen Ride Card-summoned Kamen Rider J to transform into Decade Complete Form Jumbo Formation.
Ride Booker
Decade's primary weapon is the Ride Booker which has three modes: Sword Mode, Book Mode, and Gun Mode. The Book Mode is placed on the left side of his belt. While in Book Mode, the Ride Booker holds the Rider Cards that Decade uses in his arsenal. In Sword Mode, the Ride Booker's finishing move is the Dimension Slash. When fighting Gyuki, Decade briefly fought as Ryuki with a red bullfighting cape adorning the blade of Sword Mode. In Gun Mode, the Ride Booker's finishing move is the Dimension Blast.
Rider Cards
Kuuga Cards: Final Form Ride, Final Attack Ride, Kamen Ride. Like the Heisei Riders in Kamen Rider Ryuki and Kamen Rider Blade, Decade has card-based weaponry and powers: the Rider Cards. However, due to a seal placed on them all, Tsukasa travels across the worlds to remove the seals and regain the abilities that the cards provide.
The Final Kamen Terminal K-Touch is a special touchscreen cell phone. Originally from the Negatives World, it was in the possession of the Dark Riders. The K-Touch was designed to attach onto the Decadriver replacing the card slot, which is moved to his right hip, allowing Decade to transform into Complete Form. In this form, Decade can use his Ride Cards by inserting them in the card slot and touching its visor, allowing Decade to summon the powers and weapons of the ultimate form of any of the previous Kamen Riders. When a Rider is summoned, the cards on Complete Form's chest and shoulders change to match the Rider's specific Kamen Ride card and the summoned Rider copies Decade's motions. When activating the K-Touch's functions in Complete Form, any of the Nine Heisei Riders present will be transformed into their most powerful form.
Decade Bazooka
The Decade Bazooka is a weapon that is only seen in the Kamen Rider Decade Super Adventure DVD. To tie in with the DVD, the Decade Bazooka is constructed from cardboard punchouts and glue by Yusuke Onodera, much like the ones given out with issues of the TV-Kun magazine. When wielded by Decade, it grows to a large weapon and can fire an extremely powerful blast of energy.
Yusuke possesses some of the same equipment used within the original Kuuga, such as the Arcle transformation belt, and a stone embedded in the belt called Amadam that serves as the source of his power and is able to extend a person's lifespan.
Daiki transforms into Diend through the use of the Transformation Loading Gun Diendriver which he can load cards into and also be used as a normal firearm. To use a Ride Card, Diend places it inside the gun, loads it and fires it. Daiki usually fires the gun above him, sometimes in front of him to hit the opponent, in order to transform and activate other Rider Cards. He can also load multiple Ride Cards one right after another, causing all of them to activate at once when the trigger is pulled. It was once stolen by Chinomanako and he used it to transform into a Kamen Rider.
Rider Cards
Like Decade, Diend possesses his own set of Rider Cards like the Attack Ride Cards, Final Form Ride Cards, Final Attack Ride Cards, and the ones that summons other Kamen Riders.
Diend K-Touch
During the events of Episode Yellow: Treasure de End Pirates, Kurosaki gives Diend his own K-Touch which allows him to transform into Complete Form.
Transformation Whistle Onteki
Akira was given the ability to transform into Kamen Rider Amaki within the Transformation Whistle Onteki by using special sound waves, much like Ibuki. She blows into the whistle and places it in front of her forehead forming an Oni face as a whirlwind covers her as she transforms.
Ongekikan Reppu
Along with Ibuki Style's Ongeki Weapon, Amaki's Ongekikan Reppu usually used in its 'gun mode.' In that mode, it fires Oniishi and shells out a heavy amount of damage to the enemy. She connects the Ongekimei Narukaze and mouthpiece to make the trumpet mode to perform her finisher.
Kivara Belt
Natsumi Hikari can transform into Kamen Rider Kivara with the use of the Kivara Belt, but unlike Kiva, the belt does not materialize first and it does not require Kivara's bite, but her kiss to Natsumi's forehead.
Kivara Sabre
As Kamen Rider Kivara, Natsumi is armed with a sword called the Kivara Sabre with which she uses to perform her finishing attack, the Sonic Stab.
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