Double Driver
The Double Driver is Kamen Rider Double's transformation belt, a second generation Memory Driver developed for the user to link with Philip to access his abilities, and the successor of the Lost Driver in terms of belt design. Unlike earlier models, the Double Driver uses two Gaia Memories at once for even more power for the user. There is only one, physical, Double Driver, but when Shotaro places it on him, another Double Driver manifests itself onto Philip. By inserting the Gaia Memories into the respective Memory Slots on their belt buckles, Shotaro and Philip can transform into Double. The Left Slot holds Shotaro's Gaia Memories and the Right Slot holds Philip's. When Philip puts a Gaia Memory into the Right Slot, he undergoes Soul Forward, sending his soul to Shotaro to transform both of them into Kamen Rider Double. Another slot on the right side of the Double Driver is called the Maximum Slot. When a Memory is placed in the Maximum Slot, Double can use a Maximum Drive finisher attack. This specific slot is used for the Joker Memory to execute either the Joker Extreme (CycloneJoker), Joker Grenade (HeatJoker), or Joker Strange (LunaJoker) Maximum Drives. In other forms, it can be used to insert the right half's Memory, allowing for a Twin Maximum attack, but this is immensely dangerous due to the strain it puts on Shotaro's body. During the final battle with the Utopia Dopant, Double CycloneJokerXtreme places the Prism Memory in the Maximum Slot to execute the Double Prism Xtreme Maximum Drive. As long as the Double Driver is worn by both Shotaro and Philip, they can telepathically communicate with each other provided that both of them are conscious outside the transformation to Double.
Metal Shaft
The Metal Shaft is an extendable bo used when Double assumes any form that uses the Metal Memory.When the Metal Memory is placed in the Maximum Slot on the Metal Shaft, Double is able to execute either the Metal Branding (HeatMetal), Metal Twister (CycloneMetal), or Metal Illusion (LunaMetal) Maximum Drives. The Metal Shaft attaches to the back of the Metal half of a Double formation. When used in conjunction with the Stag Phone while in CycloneMetal, its finishing attack is the Metal Stag Break.
Trigger Magnum
The Trigger Magnum is a firearm used when Double assumes any form that uses the Trigger Memory. When the Trigger Memory is placed in the Maximum Slot on the Trigger Magnum, it shifts from Normal Mode to Maximum Mode to enable either the Trigger Full Burst (LunaTrigger), Trigger Explosion (HeatTrigger) or Trigger Aerobuster (CycloneTrigger) Maximum Drives. The Trigger Magnum attaches to the chest of the Trigger half of a Double formation. When used in conjunction with the Stag Phone while in LunaTrigger, its finishing attack is the Trigger Stag Burst. When used in conjunction with the Bat Shot while in CycloneTrigger, its finishing attack is the Trigger Bat Shooting.
Prism Bicker
The Super Multicolor Light-Emitting Sword Prism Bicker is a special weapon that Kamen Rider Double uses as CycloneJokerXtreme. It can separate into the Prism Sword and Bicker Shield. The Prism Sword has the ability to neutralize the regenerative abilities of Dopants, though ClayDoll is an exception after using the Gaia Progressor on herself. After inserting the Prism Memory into the Prism Sword and by pressing the Maximum Starter button on its hilt, the Prism Break Maximum Drive is initiated, either through an energized slash or a wave of energy. Through the Prism Memory's ability to link Philip's three elemental Gaia Memories with the Joker Memory, the Prism Bicker allows CycloneJokerXtreme to perform two quadruple power Maximum Drives: the Bicker Charge Break sword and shield charged slash and the Bicker Finallusion laser blast. A variation of the Bicker Charge Break turns the Bicker Shield into a whirling disc of energy which Double can ride like a surfboard, allowing him to perform the Maximum Drive against an airborne foe. A variation of Bicker Finallusion in which the Metal Memory is used in place of the Joker Memory creates a strong energy shield capable of withstanding a wide-area devastation attack from ClayDoll Xtreme. The Prism Bicker has a larger cousin, the X-Bicker, which is a weapon designed to utilize the linked Maximum Drives of all 26 T2 Gaia Memories. Using Philip as an amplifier, it projects a wave of energy which can convert an entire city's population into Necro-Overs. The X-Bicker was charged, but never fired, as its energy was absorbed by Kamen Rider Eternal in an effort to defeat Double.
Memory Gadgets
The Memory Gadgets are items powered by artificial Gaia Memories called Giji Memories ("Pseudo Memories") that allow them to switch between their Gadget Mode and their Live Mode. The Gadgets can in turn be attached to Double's weapons to provide a boost. The Cyclone, Luna, and Heat Memories can also be inserted into a Memory Gadget, activating a Maximum Drive.
Stag Phone
The Stag Phone is a cellular phone that switches between Cell Phone Mode and Stag Mode with the use of the Stag Memory. When in Cell Phone Mode, it allows Double to summon and control the HardBoilder and the RevolGarry. At least two Stag Phones exist, serving as Shotaro's and Philip's personal cellular phones. The Stag Phone also has a Maximum Drive for the Heat Memory, engulfing it in flames. When attached to the Trigger Magnum, it allows Double to perform the Trigger Stag Burst Maximum Drive, crushing the Dopant between two pincer-like energy projections shot from the Trigger Magnum. When attached to the Metal Shaft, it allows Double to perform the Metal Stag Break Maximum Drive, crushing the Dopant between two pincer-like energy projections emitted from the Metal Shaft.
Spider Shock
The Spider Shock is a G-Shock wrist watch that switches between Wrist Watch Mode and Spider Mode with the use of the Spider Memory. It has a grappling hook in Wrist Watch Mode. It can also shoot out trackers which can be tracked in Wrist Watch Mode. When attached to the Trigger Magnum, it allows Double to fire out a net that can capture Dopants. When attached to the Metal Shaft, it allows Double to shoot out a webbed string that restrains a Dopant.
Bat Shot
The Bat Shot is a digital camera that switches between Digicam Mode and Bat Mode with the use of the Bat Memory. A live video feed can be linked to the Stag Phone while in Bat Mode. Its flash can disorient others, and when attached to the Metal Shaft, a combination that Shotaro dubs the Sonic Shaft, it can emit sonic waves strong enough to shatter solid objects. The Bat Shot also has a Maximum Drive for the Luna Memory, allowing its flashes to reveal and stun any hidden targets in its vicinity. When attached to the Trigger Magnum, it allows Double to perform the Trigger Bat Shooting Maximum Drive, locking onto the target through the Bat Shot and then firing a concentrated blast from the Trigger Magnum.
Frog Pod
The Frog Pod is a speaker that switches between Speaker Mode and Frog Mode with the use of the Frog Memory, which is similar to a MP3 Player that acts as a sound recorder. When the recording is played back, the Frog Pod can modulate the sound to be anyone's voice. Its primary uses are for audio recording and analysis. The Frog Memory and manual for building the Frog Pod are sent to Philip in a black envelope, by a person he believes to be Shroud, the woman who provides Kamen Rider Accel with his transformation items and arsenal.
Denden Sensor
The Denden Sensor is a pair of night vision goggles that switches between Goggle Mode and Denden Mode with the use of the Denden Memory. Its primary ability is to detect changes in the light spectra and alert its user to targets invisible to the naked eye. It is also used as a surveillance device, being able to store 8 terabytes of information in its Giji Memory. The Denden Sensor is the second Memory Gadget Philip is seen constructing from a set of instructions sent to him by Shroud.
Beetle Phone
Like Double, Kamen Rider Accel has his own Memory Gadget, an item powered by an artificial Gaia Memory called a Giji Memory ("Pseudo Memory") that allows it to switch between its Gadget Mode and its Live Mode. The Beetle Phone is a mobile phone that switches between Cell Phone Mode and Beetle Mode with the use of the Beetle Memory. It looks similar to the Stag Phone, except it has a blue Japanese rhinoceros beetle design. Prior to its appearance in the series, Ryu Terui used the Beetle Phone to spy on the Narumi Detective Agency.
Accel Driver
The Accel Driver is Kamen Rider Accel's transformation belt. It is a third generation Memory Driver given to Ryu Terui by the mysterious woman known only as "Shroud". The Accel Driver resembles a set of motorcycle handlebars. By inserting the Accel Memory into the Mono Slot and revving the Power Throttle on the right handlebar, Ryu transforms into Kamen Rider Accel. By squeezing the Maximum Clutch Lever on the left handlebar and revving the Power Throttle, Kamen Rider Accel initiates his Maximum Drive finisher attack.
Engine Blade
Lost Driver
The Lost Driver belt is a second-generation Memory Driver belt that enables the transformation into Kamen Rider Skull by inserting the Skull Memory into its single Memory Slot on the belt buckle. Like the Double Driver, it also has a Maximum Slot where a Gaia Memory can be inserted for a melee Maximum Drive. Although he does not use one in Begins Night, an unnamed Rider Kick is activated by inserting the Skull Memory into the Maximum Slot when Skull is summoned by Kamen Rider Diend Complete Form in Episode Yellow.
Skull Magnum
The Skull Magnum is Kamen Rider Skull's personal firearm and only weapon. When the Skull Memory is set in the Skull Magnum's Maximum Slot, and then the gun is set in Maximum Mode, it initiates the Skull Memory's Maximum Drive: a series of powerful energy bursts. Although it is not named in the film or any related printed material, the name given to this Maximum Drive in the Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbaride arcade game is Skull Punisher.
Eternal Edge
Eternal is armed with the combat knife called the Eternal Edge, which he uses in another Maximum Drive called the Bloody Hell Blade.
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