Name: Katsumi Daido
Designation: Kamen Rider Eternal
Weapons: Eternal Edge
Gear: Lost Driver
Katsumi Daido, the primary antagonist, uses the T2 Eternal Memory and a Lost Driver to transform into Kamen Rider Eternal with the Eternal Robe cape. His Maximum Drive is called the Eternal Requiem which generates a power wave that neutralizes all normal Gaia Memories. Eternal is armed with the combat knife called the Eternal Edge, which he uses in another Maximum Drive called the Bloody Hell Blade. Eternal can use other T2 Gaia Memories to access their powers like the T2 Unicorn Memory to create an energy drill around his fist and the T2 Zone Memory to summon the other T2 Gaia Memories to him. In addition to the Maximum Slots on the Lost Driver and Eternal Edge, Eternal has a series of Gaia Memory Slots on combat belts around its chest, right arm, and left leg; with the Memory Slot in the Lost Driver, a total of 26. By filling all of these Memory Slots with the T2 Gaia Memories, Eternal is powered into his Strengthening Armament mode, able to absorb the X-Bicker energy to produce the Eternal Wave green aura that he uses in his Neverending Hell Maximum Drive. His catchphrase is "Now, enjoy Hell".
Series:  Kamen Rider W