Foundation X
Foundation X is a research group that investigates Gaia Memories for the Museum while providing funding to it. After Saeko is saved by one of its members, she unwillingly becomes an ally to their cause in return to take over the Museum from her father and sister. When Ryubee dies and the Museum is dissolved, Foundation X takes over the Gaia Impact project. But in the end, after Kazu dies, Foundation X cancels all investment in Gaia Memory research to focus on other prospective projects.

Jun Kazu / Utopia Dopant
Jun Kazu is the white lab coat-wearing researcher for Foundation X, head of their Gaia Memory investment division. He appears cold and emotionless, speaking in a flat monotone, but when roused to sufficient anger releases his emotions like a torrent. Kazu saves Saeko from her near death at the hands of the Smilodon Dopant out of love, while offering the Foundation's support in her attempt to overthrow her father and Wakana. The briefcase he carries with him at all times contains the 26 T2 Gaia Memories; he eventually relinquishes this briefcase to Tabata to send it back to Foundation X's research facilities. After Ryubee's death, Kazu manages to save Wakana from the burning wreckage of the Sonozaki estate with the intent to use her in the Foundation's own version of the Gaia Impact: digitizing her into one of the Foundation's satellites in order to kill all life on Earth that is not compatible with Gaia Memories in an act of cleansing the human race's impurities. However, Wakana's comatose state forces Kazu to wait until her power resurfaces. In order to awaken her and reclaim Saeko, Kazu reveals himself to the Kamen Riders and displays his sponsor's privilege, a Gaia Driver and a Gold Memory. This Gold Memory, known as the Utopia Memory, allows him to become the seemingly omnipotent Utopia Dopant, whose reality-bending powers result from the Utopia Memory's ability to grant its user's wishes and absorb the emotions of others. After discovering that Philip's emotions are tied to Wakana's powers as ClayDoll Xtreme, he decides to attack everyone close to him in order to initiate the Gaia Impact. After he is exposed as a Necro-Over, Kazu professes his love for Saeko and reluctantly kills her when she rebuffs and attacks him. Shotaro breaks into his lair and uses the Memory Gadgets to disable him and save Wakana, catching Kazu as the Utopia Dopant in a massive explosion as the lab goes up around him. He survives, however, and comes after them, battling Kamen Rider Double CycloneJokerXtreme. The duo manage to further weaken him by overloading him with Philip's final feelings before using the Double Prism Xtreme Maximum Drive to defeat the Utopia Dopant. Stumbling to his feet, Kazu asks if his own crime was to love and clicks the Utopia Memory one more time before it shatters and he dissolves away into nothingness.
Tabata is a researcher from Foundation X picks up the T2 Gaia Memories from Kazu to take to the Foundation's headquarters. However, as revealed in the opening of Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate, he is attacked enroute in a helicopter to Foundation X's headquarters by Daido who takes the T2 Eternal Memory as he escapes death when Tabata activated the suitcase's self destruct, killing himself as helicopter explodes and the other T2 Gaia Memories spread throughout Futo.
Neon Ulsland
Neon Ulsland is the woman in charge of Foundation X, usually researching Foundation X reports about unusual events or artifacts, such as NEVER or the O Medals, which are graded from A, B, C, D, or F. She is often seen with a stopwatch, as she is very strict when it comes to schedules, even interrupting others' talking should it affect her schedule. After Jun Kazu's defeat, she officially decides to end the foundation's Gaia Memory research. Neon Ulsland is portrayed by Maria Theresa Gow.
Doctor Prospect Doctor Prospect was a Foundation X scientist who during the events of Kamen Rider Eternal was studying the use of psychic ability and created an army of psychic-powered soldiers known as Quarks. To enforce his will upon the Quarks, Prospect can assume the form of the Eyes Dopant, able to detect an opponent's next move to counterattack, to brand the Quarks with an eye marking on their foreheads that would kill them should they try to escape. He also uses barrier known as Heaven's Horn to weed out weaker Quarks and ensure they die a peaceful death. In his fight with Katsumi Daido as Kamen Rider Eternal, he manages to kill all of the Quarks, including Mina as it seemed at the time, which enrages Daido and makes him go mad, killing Doctor Prospect by destroying his Gaia Memory and leaving him victim to its psychic killing effect. Lloyd Lloyd was one of Doctor Prospect's Quarks bodyguards before he was killed off by Gozo. Shion Shion was one of Doctor Prospect's Quarks bodyguards before she was killed off by Kyosui.
Series:  Kamen Rider W