The Special Mercenary Force "NEVER" are composed of humans who have been revived from death and turned into super soldiers called Necro-Overs, the product of research by Foundation X to duplicate the conditions that revived Raito Sonozaki (Philip) after his demise in the source of the true Gaia Memory. Leaving Foundation X, NEVER became a terrorist group for hire, leaving a path of destruction in their wake before attempting to obtain the T2 Gaia Memories in order to power the X Bicker and convert the residents of Futo into Necro-Overs. Though much stronger and more durable than a normal human, as well as exceptionally compatible with certain Memories, Necro-Overs use Gaia Memories at even greater risk than normal humans, for being struck with a Maximum Drive will cost them their lives. A Scanning Charge can also cause a Necro-Over struck by it to disintegrate, and they can become destabilized if injected with a bio-stabilizer blocker fluid. This is reversible only if the Necro-Over can be treated with an antidote quickly.

Kyosui Izumi / Luna Dopant
Kyosui Izumi is a effeminate gay man who serves as Katsumi's right hand man. Using the T2 Luna Memory to transform into the Luna Dopant, he uses the power of illusions to produce the T2 Masquerade Dopants along with extending his whip-like arms to any distance. Though he manages to overpower Double, the Luna Dopant has a tougher time fighting Kamen Rider OOO, who destroys him with the Medajalibur's OOO Bash finishing attack.
Kamen Rider W Forever

Reika Hanehara / Heat Dopant
Reika Hanehara is a young woman motorcyclist who hates the cold feeling of her undead body, using the T2 Heat Memory to transform into the Heat Dopant with control over fire. She fights against Kamen Rider Joker but is defeated by his Rider Kick Maximum Drive. She manages to reach Futo Tower before starting to disintegrate, begging Daido for aid. However, she's rebuffed and has only enough time to curse Daido for his coldheartedness before vanishing in Shotaro's arms.
Kamen Rider W Forever

Gozo Domoto / Metal Dopant
Gozo Domoto is a muscular young man who uses the T2 Metal Memory to transform into the Metal Dopant, armed with a rod with a hammer on one end and able to regenerate, as this ability is shown after being defeated the first time by Double CycloneTrigger's Trigger Aerobuster Maximum Drive. He is then defeated for real by Shotaro as Kamen Rider Joker with the Rider Punch Maximum Drive in a failed cross counter.
Kamen Rider W Forever

Ken Ashihara / Trigger Dopant
Ken Ashihara is a young man who is an expert marksman of the group, uses the T2 Trigger Memory to transform into the Trigger Dopant, armed with a large rifle attached to his right arm. He has a habit of proclaiming "Game start" when beginning combat. He fights Kamen Rider Accel on several occasions both in and out of Dopant form before being defeated by Accel Trial's Machine Gun Spike Maximum Drive.
Kamen Rider W Forever
T2 Masquerade Dopants During the events of W Forever, The Luna Dopant uses his illusion powers to create henchmen for NEVER called T2 Masquerade Dopants.
Kamen Rider W Forever
Series:  Kamen Rider W