The Candroids are special support robots that are held within the Ride Vendor. After inserting a Cell Medal into the Ride Vendor in its vending machine mode, a beverage can like device is "bought" from the machine. The Candroid is transformed from its Can Mode into its Animal Mode through the pull-tab on top. Normally, a large number of them are deployed from the Ride Vendor, but only one needs to be manually activated, the others simply activating on their own afterwards.
Taka Candroid
The Taka Candroid can fly and primarily used by the Kougami Foundation to gather Medals or serve as a remote control recon that transmit images to a Kougami Foundation laptop.
Tako Candroid
The Tako Candroid is a flexible flyer that can join with fellow Tako Candroids to form various things like roads, bungee cords, or trampolines. On its own, a single Tako Candroid is able to defend itself by spraying ink at its attacker.
Batta Candroid
The Batta Candroid is an experimental Candroid that acts as a two-way transmitter. It is given to Eiji and Ankh to test for the Kougami Foundation as a sign of trust so they can join forces to gather Medals.
Tora Candroid
The Tora Candroid is a Candroid created by Kiyoto Maki who personally gives it to Eiji. It can enlarge itself and combine with the Ride Vendor to become the Toride Vendor.
Denki Unagi Candroid
The Denki Unagi Candroid is a Candroid developed by Kiyoto Maki, sent to Kamen Rider OOO by Shintaro Goto. It is designed to gather Cell Medals more effectively, and is also capable of releasing electric shocks.
Kujyaku Candroid
The Kujyaku Candroid is a new Candroid developed to gather Cell Medals more smoothly, first used by Erika Satonaka to deliver the Condol Medal to Kamen Rider OOO in the middle of the battle against the Lion-Kurage Yummy. Its peacock-like tail spins at great speed to propel itself, create small tornadoes, and can act like a buzz-saw blade.
Gorilla Candroid
The Gorilla Candroid is a Candroid with a built-in Yummy detection system. The Gorilla Candroid is also physically strong, capable of throwing relatively heavy objects. As such, a number of Gorilla Candroids are often used by Date during his battles to throw any Cell Medals he acquires that land around the tank, into the tank. While it can easily detect Yummy, it is incapable of detecting the Greeed, even after they have transformed out of their human disguises.
Toricera Candroid
The Toricera Candroid is a next-generation Candroid developed to utilize the Cell Medal energy more efficiently. It is able to utilize energy that would have otherwise been discharged due to its three Streamagain surfaces. It can ram through any obstructing obstacles and its horns can be used to flick Cell Medals towards Birth when he needs them.
Ptera Candroid
The Ptera Candroid is a next-generation Candroid developed to utilize the Cell Medal energy more efficiently. It moves better than other Candroids and can transfer information via ultrasound. Kiyoto Maki first uses this Candroid to fend off the attacks of the Shachi-Panda Yummy
Series:  Kamen Rider OOO