Name: Shintaro Goto
Designation: Kamen Rider Birth
Weapons: Birth Buster, Birth CLAWs
Gear: Birth Driver
Shintaro Goto is a former police officer who later protects the world from the Greeed working for the Kougami Foundation. He leads the Foundation's Ride Vendor First Squad motorcycle brigade and carries a shotgun and a rocket launcher to fight off Greeed and their Yummy. As a result of his battle experience with the Greeed that took out his men, Shintaro becomes the Kougami Foundation's representative to Eiji, even though he feels that Kougami should not rely on him and Ankh, and only helps them for the world's sake. However, he becomes interested in Kiyoto Maki's proposal for an alternate way for normal humans to use the power of Medals, and Shintaro becomes Eiji's ally after taking his words of taking action to heart. He loses his chance to become Kamen Rider Birth due to his refusal to cooperate with Kiyoto Maki's unscrupulous ways. After meeting its user Akira Date, Kousei Kougami tells him that his pride got in the way of being chosen. To work on his pride, he takes up a job at the Cous Coussier as a waiter and custodian.

His newfound humility catches Date's attention, and Date decides to start training Goto to be his replacement as Kamen Rider Birth. Goto was given the original Birth Buster to use and has since been acting as Date's sidekick in battle. Eventually, Shintaro succeeds Date in becoming the second Kamen Rider Birth, carrying his Cell Medal ammo in a backpack and a Cell Medal preloaded into a wristband. He is more adept in using the CLAWS system as unlike Date, he actually studied the user manual and knows the rider system in and out, evident from him using the Cutter Wing, Drill Arm and Caterpillar Leg all at once, and later accessing the Birth Day mode on his very first-time transforming. After the end of the Greeed conflict, Shintaro resumes being a police officer. During the events of Movie War Core, Goto gains use of the Birth Driver and becomes Kamen Rider Birth.

Series:  Kamen Rider OOO