Other Characters Jiro Iseki Jiro Iseki is one of Ryusei's friends from Subaruboshi High School who somehow acquired a Zodiarts Switch because he wanted to be stronger than Ryusei. However, the Switch is incompatible with him and thus backfired, which caused a massive explosion that severely injured Jiro, rendering him in a coma ever since. The Zodiarts Switch stayed in a turned-on state since then and as only he himself can turn the switch off, the lingering effects in him rendering him unable to helped by modern medicine. This event would lead to Ryusei becoming Kamen Rider Meteor to find Aries Zodiarts under Tachibana's orders. Though he is not sure what the Horoscopes can do, but he knows that the said Zodiarts can save Jiro. When the Aries Zodiarts finally makes its appearance, Ryusei betrays both Tachibana and the Kamen Rider Club in order to fulfill his wish to save Jiro. The Aries Zodiarts honors his deal with Ryusei and awakens Jiro, with Ryusei finally being able to get him to turn the Zodiarts Switch off. The joy is short-lived however, as Jiro is still critically injured despite being awakened and relapses, due to losing the will to live after Ryusei tells him the lengths he went to save him. After being inspired by Kengo's method in reviving Gentaro, Ryusei visits and talks to Jiro to helps him out of his physical coma, and Ryusei is finally able to help into a speedy recovery. Rokuro Utahoshi Rokuro Utahoshi is Kengo's father who worked for the OSTO on the lunar base that would later become the Rabbit Hatch. Studying Cosmic Energy together with Gamou and Emoto, he managed to develop both the Fourze Driver and the Astroswitches from the Core Switch yet expected the finalized versions would be made by future generations after his death. Seventeen years prior to the beginning of the series, Emoto's actions in taking the Zodiarts Switches to Earth for Gamou led to the destruction of most of the base with Rokuro stranded on the moon to die. However, he left an inscription on the outer wall of the Rabbit Hatch, explaining the legacy he meant to leave behind with the Astroswitches and Fourze Driver, which is also the belief that he upholds steadfastly. Keizo Jingu Keizo Jingu is JK's father who currently works as a fisherman, but he was once a popular musician and inspired JK to want to be a rock singer despite his own lack of talent. His leaving of this life behind prompted JK and Goto to follow their dreams of forming a rock band together, referring to him as a loser who gave up on his dreams). He teaches Gentaro how to play the song he used to play to his son, which enables Gentaro to not only regain JK's friendship and snap him out of his delusions, but also indirectly leading Gentaro to beat the Capricorn Zodiarts. At the end of the episode, he and JK talk to each other through their cellphones, having a heart to heart chat. Takashi Satake Takashi Satake is the teacher in charge of the Sunday remedial class/detention session, where allegedly only the most troublesome students in the school get forced into, and labeled by many students as "Study Hell" as he is a cruel and unforgiving man who makes his purpose to teach those in his class to become productive members of society. Mr. Satake also has an extreme intolerance towards delinquents, likening them to spots of dirt in a clean campus. He went so far to even call Gentaro a "bad boy", as well as giving him more severe punishments than all others in his class. However, after Gentaro saves his son from himself, Mr. Satake has a change of heart and gives Gentaro a passing grade in the test suggested by Shun just to give Gentaro a hard time. In the series epilogue, with Hayami gone, Mr. Satake takes over the role of principal. Takashi Satake is portrayed by Satoshi Jinbo who previously portrayed Hideyuki Kagawa/Alternative Zero in Kamen Rider Ryuki. Haruka Utsugi Haruka Utsugi replaces Sarina Sonoda as the homeroom teacher for class 2-B, though she is rather uninterested with the job and always muses about quiting her job as a teacher, even in front of the students. She is a well-trained kickboxer and quite wary of her surroundings. Unlike the sour face she puts on at school, she is shown to be truly happy when she is training. She takes up a teaching job only because she is unsure if she can make a living out of kickboxing. Due to her fighting style, she is set up to look like as if she is the Switcher of the Pegasus Zodiarts. Gentaro eventually learns the truth while counseling Ms. Haruka, revealing his identity as Kamen Rider Fourze to her. He tells her that she has to stay true to her path in life, suggesting that she should try to balance her life both as a kickboxer and a teacher instead, just like how he is balancing his life both as a student and a Kamen Rider. Eventually she opts to stay at AGHS, forming a kickboxing club and, to Gentaro's chagrin, insists that he take some lessons from her, as his form is rather sloppy and inefficient. Haruka Utsugi is portrayed by Nao Nagasawa. Nagasawa previously portrayed Nanami Nono/Hurricane Blue in Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger, Lily Shirogane in Kamen Rider W, and Ikechiyo in Daimajin Kanon.
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