Other Students Yukina Takamura Yukina Takamura is a third-year student who is in the same class as Gentaro, Yuki, Kengo, and Ryusei. Having watched Gentaro for quite some time to know that he is Kamen Rider Fourze, she genuinely feels sorry for him, believing that all of the fighting he is doing is taking away from his chance to live a normal life as a teenager. Accompanying them on the class trip to Kyoto, Yukina overzealously does everything to become Gentaro's girlfriend to ensure Gentaro is having a good time, while holding Yuki's Hayabusa plush doll hostage to force her to cooperate. After Gentaro reveals his identity as Kamen Rider Fourze to her, she reveals that she had known the fact that he is a Kamen Rider all along and attempts to convince him to quit by stealing the Fourze Driver, but she is persuaded afterwards by both Gentaro and Yuki to return the Driver, when the Libra Zodiarts attacks the last altar keeping The Hole above Kyoto from collapsing. She comes to understand that to Gentaro, going lengths to help any friend in trouble is completely normal, with or without Kamen Rider Fourze's powers. In exchange for returning the Fourze Driver, she asks that they take a picture with their most beautiful smiles together before they go back to school. Jun Shigeno Jun Shigeno is a second-year student who is Miu's sidekick and fellow member in the cheerleading squad. She comes off as an airhead with a hearty appetite, but is left in charge of the cheerleaders by Miu since there was are no other substitutes for the moment, while Miu decides to spend more time in her role as the Kamen Rider Club President. As Miu's term is about to end, she comments on how much the squad improved on Jun's watch. Reiko Hirota Reiko Hirota is a first-year student that Gentaro tries to convince to enter the Queen Festival to unseat Miu from her yearly winning streak. However, an attack by the Chameleon Zodiarts scares her enough to back out of the contest. Reiko later becomes Shun's girlfriend after Miu dumps him. Eventually, she dumps Shun after seeing him with Gentaro and the others working as groundskeepers during their detention. She later ends up indirectly involved in the incident with Hiroki Makise as one of the girls involuntarily dragged into a bus about to drive off a bridge by the Pyxis Zodiarts. She and the other girls would later be saved by Shun in the Powerdizer and dealt with Makise personally after the Pyxis Zodiarts is defeated. Chosuke Ban Chosuke Ban is a student who leads a group of other delinquent students. He and his gang pick fights with Gentaro whenever he is looking for information, and they are single-handedly beaten by Gentaro each time. He is seen in the seventh episode, having given JK a tip on a mysterious student with other delinquents in a new hang out. Mari Yamamoto Mari Yamamoto is a student who is Toshiya Miura's girlfriend and a member of the AGHS photography club. She seeks out Shun's assistance into getting Toshiya into attending school again. Junta Abe Junta Abe is a second-year student who is the president of the AGHS glee club. Junta Abe is portrayed by Tokimasa Tanabe. Tanabe previously portrayed Taichi Misugi in Kamen Rider Agito. Rumi Egawa Rumi Egawa is a second-year student who is a member of the AGHS track and field club. She has inferiority complex regarding her above average height and size for girls, which resulted in her falling into a slump both in her enthusiasm as well as performance as a member of the team. Kengo attempts to help her out by giving her advise in improving her performance, but the club captain, Jin Nomoto berated both her, for taking advise from outsiders, and Kengo, for meddling in the club's affairs. She got Kengo joined the club to be her personal adviser for the coming competition to circumvent Nomoto's reasoning, but that only angers Nomoto further as he sees that as an insult to him. She eventually won the competition and gives her plaque to Kengo as a gift. Misa Toriizaki Misa Toriizaki is a member of AGHS's ballet club who leads the Ugly Duckling Society, a club whose members follow Cycnus after being saved by him. As the head of the Society, she grades people in a way similar to how Cycnus believes people are worthy of his presence. The Kamen Rider Club initially believes that she is the Switcher for the Cygnus Zodiarts before learning that the Zodiarts is an alternate personality of Norio Eguchi. However, being faithful to Cycnus, Misa forces Eguchi to transform before seeing the Cygnus Zodiarts's true colors and disbanding the group soon after. Sayaka Mibu Sayaka Mibu is a third year student and AGHS's student council president. She and Sugiura never saw eye to eye and have always been butting heads over a variety of matters concerning the student body, chief among them a quartet of reckless students abusing the school's policies of allowing freedom. She insists on implementing measures to keep students in check while Sugiura insists on allowing students maximum freedom. Confronting Kamou, Kiyama, Kito, and Umezawa about it when they went too far, Sayaka fell down the stairs and is hospitalized as Sugiura assumes her duties. Though she thinks Sugiura has finally come to his senses and accepts her views, Sayaka learns that Sugiura actually has feelings for her and instead of adopting her views, Sugiura is only doing it for her sake. She agrees to help Gentaro reach Sugiura to stop the madness in school. Though she assures him that she will resume her duties in a matter of weeks, Sayaka is horrified to find Sugiura sucked into the Dark Nebula. Shoko Oki Shoko Oki is the head of the student council's decency committee. She has feelings for Sugiura and though knowing that Sugiura has feelings for Sayaka, she follows his lead faithfully and dutifully carries out Sugiura's orders despite the bizarreness, thinking that Sugiura will notice her feelings for him if she keeps doing what he tells her to. She eventually breaks down when Sugiura disregards her loyalty all these while altogether and chooses to punish her for her inability to capture Tomoko instead. She indirectly help to bring an end to all the madness happening in the school by telling Gentaro all she knows about Sugiura and Sayaka.
Series:  Kamen Rider Fourze