Massigler The Machine Massigler is Kamen Rider Fourze's personal space shuttle-like Honda XR250R motorcycle given to him by Kengo Utahoshi. Its official name is the ORB-40F, but Gentaro nicknamed it the Massigler. It uses hydrogen as a fuel source and does not release any carbon dioxide emissions. Together with Powerdizer in Tower Mode, it can be used as a rocket to send Kamen Rider Fourze into lower orbit. Powerdizer The Powerdizer is a powered exoskeleton that the OSTO built which functions to assist Kamen Rider Fourze in battle. Despite it being an effective machine for combat, it requires a large amount of stamina and strength to operate, as in the case of Kengo and Miu who each suffered severe exhaustion after piloting it for short periods. However, Shun, being very strong and athletic, can operate it effectively without suffering any detrimental effects and becomes the Powerdizer's official pilot. With Ryusei's help, the Powerdizer had modified its configurations to make it easier to use, as demonstrated with JK when believed that Shun would no longer be a member of the Kamen Rider Club after his graduation. While JK is able to pilot the machine fairly competently, he lacked the strength and stamina Shun has to use the machine at its full fighting potential. The Powerdizer can also transform into a land rover-like Vehicle Mode or a launch pad-like Tower Mode to launch the Massigler. In these alternative modes it can be controlled using the Astroswitch Kaban. During the events of Kamen Rider Fourze the Movie: Space, Here We Come!, the OSTO Legacy organization builds two new Powerdizers for the Kamen Rider Club to use against the Alicia Federation and the Space Ironmen alongside their Powerdizer, which is renamed the King Dizer. Forming the Trio the Dizer unit with the King Dizer, the new models are Miu Kazashiro's Queen Dizer, a white/red colored model with a machine gun mounted on its left arm, and JK's JK Dizer, a green colored model armed with twin arm-mounted machine guns. Meteorstar The Machine Meteorstar is Kamen Rider Meteor's personal Honda XR250R motorcycle, designed after an artificial satellite. Though incapable of flight in any sense, it is lighter and faster than Kamen Rider Fourze's Massigler and capable of shooting Cosmic Energy beams. Its official designation is MBM3000X. M-BUS The M-BUS (Meteor-BackUp Satellite) is a satellite that serves as the base of operations for the Anti-Zodiarts Union and is the source of Kamen Rider Meteor's power. When it transforms into Exposure Mode, it is able to transfer Cosmic Energy to Kamen Rider Meteor to power his transformation and attacks. Tachibana had, before his death, full control of the station, which in extension, had full control over Kamen Rider Meteor's powers, allowing him to activate or shut down the system as he sees fit. The transformation-control system corresponding to Kamen Rider Meteor can be set to auto and the satellite itself was capable of responding to vocal commands of Tachibana. The Exposure Mode is later revealed to be able to be used as a weapon, by shooting beams of pure Cosmic Energy at ground targets with surprising accuracy.
Series:  Kamen Rider Fourze