Fourze Driver
The Fourze Driver is a belt that gives Gentaro Kisaragi the ability to become Kamen Rider Fourze, created by Rokuro Utahoshi as a means to safely reach the Presenters though it would probably take the generations to complete it. Gentaro receives the Fourze Driver from Kengo Utahoshi who was unable to use for what was thought to be a health issue that is later revealed to be a fail safe in the Core Switch until Kengo awakened to his nature as a Core Child. After four Astroswitches are inserted into the Switch Sockets all four of the red Transwitches are flipped down, beginning a three second countdown. Gentaro then pushes the Enter Lever on the side of the belt, transforming into Kamen Rider Fourze. By switching on a correspondent Astroswitch, or a combination of Astroswitches, before pushing the Enter Lever again, Kamen Rider Fourze can perform a Limit Break finishing attack using the full power of the active switches. While executing multiple simultaneous Limit Breaks is possible, it is risky as it would completely drain an Astroswitch's power for a while and said Switch will need to be re-tuned. The transformation will be canceled if all of the Transwitches are flipped back up.
NS Magphone
The NS Magphone is a cell phone with two Astroswitches on both ends, designed by Kengo and completed by Ryusei, to better stabilize and control the N and S Magnet Switches' abilities. It also doubles as an alternate means for Gentaro to communicate with the Rabbit Hatch and the Astroswitch Kaban, instead of relying on the Radar Module. When the two Switches are turned on in unison with the NS Magphone attached to the Fourze Driver, it enables Kamen Rider Fourze to assume Magnet States. When in Magnet States, the two halves of the NS Magphone are used as triggers to control the NS Magnet Cannon. Initially, Gentaro is unable to separate the two halves, as the phone is too responsive to Gentaro's bursting spirits and the magnetic attraction between them is too strong. He is only able to do so when Kengo modifies the sensitivity of the phone to accommodate to Gentaro's condition.
Billy The Rod
The Elek Module Billy The Rod is a nightstick-like Module accessed by the Elek Switch, enabling Kamen Rider Fourze to manipulate electricity. The hilt of the sword has 3 outlets on it, which correspond to a different ability. The outlet on the left charges the sword with electricity, the middle outlet causes the sword to shoot bright electrical wave when swung, and the right outlet enables the sword to release electrical energy that wraps around and then paralyzes the target. By setting the Elek Switch into the Billy The Rod's base and setting the plug in the left socket, Fourze can initiate the Rider 10 Billion Volt Break (Limit Break finishing attack. By setting the Elek Switch into Billy The Rod's base and setting the plug in the top socket, Fourze can initiate the Rider Ten Billion Volt Shoot Limit Break. By setting the Elek Switch into Billy The Rod's base and setting the plug in the right socket, Fourze can initiate the Rider 10 Billion Volt Burst Limit Break.While not a Limit Break, in conjunction with the Winch Module, Kamen Rider Fourze can perform the Rider Electric Shock.
The Fire Module Hee-Hackgun is a firearm-like Module accessed by the Fire Switch, enabling Kamen Rider Fourze to use it as a flame thrower in Flame Gun Mode or shoot water in Quench Gun Mode ("Extinguisher Mode"); modes are switched by extending or compressing the Hee-Hackgun to reveal or hide the High-Press Tube, which connects the Exting-Tank back end from the Energy Chamber muzzle/nozzle. By setting the Fire Switch into the Hee-Hackgun while it is in Flame Mode, Kamen Rider Fourze can initiate the Rider Exploding Shoot Limit Break finishing attack, where he absorbs nearby thermal energy before releasing it in a powerful fiery blast from the Hee-Hackgun. An unnamed Limit Break while in Extinguisher Mode releases a powerful blast of water that puts out the surrounding fires.
Barizun Sword
The Cosmic Module Barizun Sword is a space shuttle-shaped sword Fourze Module accessed by the Cosmic Switch. It is compatible with any Circle Astroswitch, except the N Magnet Switch. In its Boost Mode, it enables Kamen Rider Fourze to perform a warp drive, but by switching to Slash Mode Kamen Rider Fourze can channel Cosmic Energy into the Barizun Sword to perform attacks. Inserting the Rocket Switch gives it the ability to perform a high-speed attack, Elek gives it shocking properties, Fire allows it to project a flame blade of enormous length, and Claw reshapes the blade to give it three curved edges. Thanks to Cosmic States' ability to channel the powers of multiple Astroswitches at once, two of these features can be accessed simultaneously, such as utilizing Rocket and Elek at once for a high-speed electric slash. By inserting the Cosmic Switch into the Barizun Sword's base, Kamen Rider Fourze can initiate two Limit Breaks, while in Boost Mode Fourze sends the opponent into space, while in Slash Mode Fourze initiates the Rider Super Galaxy Finish, delivering the final blow to the opponent.
Astroswitch Kaban
The Astroswitch Kaban is a special briefcase made to hold up to 10 Astroswitches as well as a portable terminal with various functions, such as collecting data by Foodroids and Zodiarts analysis. It also has an operating panel for the Powerdizer and the Massigler.
Meteor Galaxy
The Meteor Galaxy is a gauntlet on Kamen Rider Meteor's right arm that acts as his sole weapon. By pressing one of the three levers and then activating the Finger Mount Panel, Kamen Rider Meteor can summon Cosmic Energy to harness the power of the planets. When the Meteor Switch is inserted into the Meteor Galaxy's Switch Socket, it initiates a Rider Punch Limit Break known as the Starlight Shower. By activating the Mars Lever, the Meteor Galaxy summons a projection of the planet Mars called the Mars Breaker, the surface of which reaches temperatures of 800 °C (1,470 °F). By activating the Jupiter Lever, the Meteor Galaxy summons a projection of the planet Jupiter called the Jupiter Hammer, arming Kamen Rider Meteor with the sheer strength and power of the largest planet to execute a powerful punch attack. By activating the Saturn Lever, the Meteor Galaxy summons a projection of the planet Saturn called the Saturn Sorcery, enabling Kamen Rider Meteor to send out projectile energy rings.
Meteor Storm Shaft
The Meteor Storm Shaft is Kamen Rider Meteor Storm's gun staff-like weapon of choice. When the Meteor Storm Switch is inserted in the Meteor Storm Shaft, it initiates the Limit Break finishing attack called the Meteor Storm Punisher, which launches the Storm Topper on the Meteor Storm Switch, absorbing some of a Zodiarts's Cosmic Energy with each strike and increasing its attack strength each time.
Nadeshiko Driver
By seeing Gentaro transform into Kamen Rider Fourze, she copies it to make a Nadeshiko Driver (which enables her to transform into Kamen Rider Nadeshiko.
Series:  Kamen Rider Fourze