It is the mystical device that enables Haruto to unlock the powers of the Wizard Rings, allowing him to transform into Kamen Rider Wizard or perform various magical abilities. By wearing a Transformation Ring on the left hand and swinging it across the Grimoire Stone held within the Hand Author, Haruto transforms into Kamen Rider Wizard. By using one of the Shift Levers to switch the position of the Hand Author, Kamen Rider Wizard can use a Magic Ring worn on his right hand to initiate one of his many magical spells. When not transformed, the Wizardriver appears as an ordinary belt with a hand-shaped buckle, though it retains the ability to utilize any Magic Ring.
The Wizarswordgun is Kamen Rider Wizard's personal weapon that can change from Sword Mode to Gun Mode. It possesses an own Hand Author, its true strength lies in having its powers combined with one of his elemental Styles for either a Slash Strike with the Sword Mode or a Shooting Strike with the Gun Mode. It fires silver bullets while in Gun Mode, and Kamen Rider Wizard is skilled enough in its use to curve these bullets, hitting targets without harming hostages. After activating either a Slash Strike or a Shooting Strike, the Wizarswordgun will begin rhythmically chant an incantation, depending on which Style Kamen Rider Wizard is currently in. Magic Rings can also be used with the weapon's Hand Author.
Drago Timer
The Drago Timer is a special timer-like gauntlet device created from Haruto's magical energy when the White Wizard begins a ritual for Haruto to use Wizardragon's full power. Worn on the right hand, Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Dragon is able to create three clones of himself in his three other Dragon forms by pressing down the Thumbs Encounter on it as it passes each Elemental Sign in the Drago Dial. After completing one full cycle, it will announce "Final Time" and when the Thumbs Encounter is pressed again, it will activate the finishers for each Kamen Rider Wizard Dragon form. On the end of the Drago Timer is the Wizard Ring-like Prism Drago Light which is the crystallized form of Haruto's magic power and the four elements, which allows him to become All Dragon by scanning it on the Wizardriver. Dragon Fourmation is when all four of Kamen Rider Wizard's Dragon forms are together and activate the finisher of each form all at once.
Machine Winger
The Machine Winger is Haruto's personal Honda CRF250R offroad bike. He has tuned it up to be used in any situation, and even has power armor for when he fights as Kamen Rider Wizard.
Axcalibur is the transformed state of Wizardragon which acts as Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity Style's axe/sword weapon of choice. The Shining Strike for Ax Mode is the Dragon Shining, where Axcalibur grows larger and Kamen Rider Wizard jumps up in the air then strikes the enemy with it with a crystal like projection of Dragon channeled on the blade. By tapping the Palm Author at least five times in sequence, Haruto can perform the Plasma Shining Strike. The finisher from the Plasma Shining Strike is called Giga Dragon Shining, by throwing the Axcalibur to spin around the enemy like a boomerang as it strikes it back and forth.
Beast Driver
The Beast Driver is a mystical device which allows Nito to unlock the powers of the Wizard Rings, allowing him to transform into Kamen Rider Beast or perform various magical feats. By wearing a Transformation Ring on the left hand and setting it on the left Ring Slot, then turning it, the Revelations Door on the belt opens to reveal the Chimera Author and Nito transforms into Kamen Rider Beast. By using the right Ring Slot, Beast can use a Magic Ring worn on his right hand to initiate one of his many magical spells or initiate a Mantle Change. It can consume defeated Phantoms through the Chimaera Author, allowing Nito to replenish magical power. Unlike the Wizardriver, which can utilize any Magic Ring in its inactive state, the Beast Driver must be active to use any ring other than Driver On. Nito can cancel his transformation by closing the Revelations Door. At the end of the series, the Beast Driver is broken when Nito stabs it with the Hamel Cane.
Dice Saber
Dice Saber is Kamen Rider Beast's personal rapier-like weapon with the Beast Dice on the handle. By spinning the die and scanning the ring, the Saber will activate a Saber Strike finisher based on that Mantle. A successful Saber Strike will summon a number of energy-based animal spirits which attack a target. The attack's effectiveness typically depends on the number the die lands on, with six being the strongest and one being the weakest. Beast is capable of turning a roll of one into a powerful attack by making the spirit grow to an immense size with force of will.
Mirage Magnum
Mirage Magnum is Kamen Rider Beast Hyper's firearm weapon of choice, found in some ancient ruins along with the Hyper Ring. By opening up the mouth of the lion on the Hyper Ring and setting it on the Ring Slot, Beast Chimera's face appears on the Mirage Specter and will initiate the Magnum Strike finisher called the Shooting Mirage. Kosuke also has a separate Mirage Specter prior to receiving Hyper, and both his and the magnum's Mirage Specter on the Mirage Magnum can also be used in the same vein as Koyomi's crystal ball and can view what Green Griffon can see.
White Wizard Driver
A Wizardriver-like belt, with Kamen Rider Wiseman's Palm Author buckle outlined in red chrome and spiked fingertips, which is properly summoned with the black red-outlined Driver On Ring.
Hamel Cane
Kamen Rider Wiseman's flute-like personal weapon.
Mage's Belt
Kamen Rider Mage's driver, the Mage's Belt, is similar in appearance and properties to the one used by Fueki. After Mayu transforms into Kamen Rider Mage, she says "Now, its time to end this!"
Scratch Nail
Her main offensive capabilities lie in the giant claw on her left hand known as the Scratch Nail.
Series:  Kamen Rider Wizard