Haruto Soma (Kamen Rider Wizard)
Name: Haruto Soma
Designation: Kamen Rider Wizard
Rider Styles: Flame Style, Water Style, Hurricane Style, Land Style, Flame Dragon, Hurricane Dragon, Special Rush Water Dragon, Land Dragon, All Dragon, Infinity Style, Beast Mantle
Weapons: Wizarswordgun
Gear: Wizardriver, Wizard Rings, Drago Timer, Winger, Wizardragon, Axcalibur, Plamonsters
Haruto Soma is a Gate, a person with the potential to perform magic. He was forced to watch his folks die when he was a kid after they were badly wounded in a car cash. When he was amongst other Gates being sacrificed during a solar eclipse to create Phantoms, what saved his life was his promise to his parents to keep hope alive in his heart. Haruto was one of the few to have survived the ceremony and surface with the capacity to perform magic. He is able to keep his inner Phantom from tearing him apart from the inside through utter willpower. Shiroi Mahoutsuki saved him from the Phantom Lizardman and gave him the Wizardriver to combat as Wizard.

Haruto took residence in Omokagedo to be given with more Wizard Rings when inspired to provide hope and save people from despair. During the events of Kamen Rider Fourze the Movie: Space, Here We Come!, he designated himself a Kamen Rider when inspired by Kamen Rider Fourze's definition of the title. Often misunderstood by others, he finds his mundane life boring now that he must fight the Phantoms. Nevertheless, he finds comfort in his love of doughnuts. Haruto soon gained two more allies: a rookie detective named Rinko Daimon and Shunpei Nara, a young man. When Haruto first meets the Phantom Phoenix and sensing his inner Phantom, he obtains a new ring that allows him to use his inner Phantom's power.

Though Wizardragon warned him of the dangers of manifesting his power in the physical world, Haruto's retort inspires the Phantom as he gives his human self the power to defeat Phoenix. In due course, Haruto gains the means to use Wizardragon's power in all four Styles prior to obtaining the Drago Timer to fully utilize Wizardragon's full power. Nonetheless, Haruto loses his abilities as a wizard and is rendered a normal human when the Phantom Legion attacks his Underworld and destroys Wizardragon from the inside. When Legion attacks both Haruto and Koyomi, Haruto's tears over Koyomi being harmed bring his magical powers back, and with a new pact with the Wizardragon, Wizard is capable of attaining Infinity Style and the Axcalibur, which he uses to destroy Legion.

By wearing one of the Transformation Wizard Rings and swinging his left hand in front of the Grimoire Stone kept within the Hand Author on the Wizardriver belt, Haruto can transform into the mystically-powered Kamen Rider Wizard, who is also referred to as the "Ringed Wizard". Depending on the Transformation Ring used, Wizard can transform into a different Style. When Wizard executes one of his finishers, he says "The finale!". His finishing attack is a Rider Kick called the Strike Wizard, a corkscrew drop kick enhanced by the power of the element presently wielded. Wizard can also access Wizardragon's power to enhance his Styles into Dragon forms. Unlike his other Style Changes, Haruto gains access to these forms after he confronts his inner self, Wizardragon, in his own Underworld. Wizardragon warns Haruto that using a Dragon form will hasten his fall into despair. In Dragon forms, Strike Wizard become more powerful to perform the Dragon Strike Wizard.

Series:  Kamen Rider Wizard