Kosuke Nito (Kamen Rider Beast)
Name: Kosuke Nito
Designation: Kamen Rider Beast
Weapons: Dice Saber, Mirage Magnum
Gear: Beast Driver
He is young man from the Fukui Prefecture who is rather optimistic, often believing that chances are sides of the same coin. He has a huge appetite and a liking to mayonnaise, putting it on everything he eats, including doughnuts. He originally lived with his grandmother before he became a student archaeologist. Nito found the Beast Driver during an expedition and broke the seal holding a horde of Ghouls at bay. Forced to become Kamen Rider Beast to defeat the monsters, Nito learns he unknowingly forged a pact with the Phantom Beast Chimera and must now consume other Phantoms for their magical energies to keep it fed, as if it dies, so will he.

Through a misunderstanding as to how Kamen Rider Wizard functions, he labels Haruto his "eternal rival" when they first meet after Nito was targeted by Manticore on the assumption that he was a Gate. Despite it being possible for Haruto to simply use an Engage Ring to enter Nito's Underworld and destroy Beast Chimera, Nito initially refuses on the grounds that his Phantom would be too strong for Haruto to handle. Nito later explains that as an archeologist, he wishes to learn more about the Phantoms and the Wizard Rings, believing he will never make an important discovery again.

When Nito attempts to end the second Sabbath, he is overpowered by Fueki. In risky gambit that could have killed him, Nito broke the Beast Driver to release Beast Chimera so he can devour all of the excess magical energies generated by the Sabbath to negate the ritual. In appreciation, the idea of eating not amusing, Beast Chimera spares Nito's life and frees him from their pact before leaving. Despite being a normal human again, Nito aided Haruto during the final battle. Once the Phantoms are finally defeated, taking Yuzuru as an apprentice, Nito decides to find Beast Chimera to learn more about the ancient Phantom.

Kamen Rider Beast is also referred to as the "Ancient Wizard" and transforms via the Beast Driver. Akin to Wizard's Styles, Beast can change to different forms known as Mantles, which are named after the special cloak-like attachments that gives him powers of different animals. After Nito transforms into Kamen Rider Beast, he originally said "Now, its feeding time!" until adopting the phrase "Now, it's lunchtime to contrast with Haruto's own "it's showtime." Whenever Beast executes one of his finishers, he says "the Main Dish!".

Series:  Kamen Rider Wizard