Kamen Rider Amazon

  • Cast

Akiji Kobayashi
Tobei Tachibana
Hirohisa Nakata
Great Emperor Zero
Mariko Matsuoka
Ritsuko Okamura
Toru Okazaki

Kamen Rider Amazon

  • Episodes

    • 1: Man or Beast? The Cool Guy Who Came From the Jungle! (10/19/74)
    • 2: Ten-Faced Demon! God or Devil? (10/26/74)
    • 3: The Strong, Naked, Fast Guy! (11/02/74)
    • 4: Run! The Raging Jungler (11/09/74)
    • 5: The Weirdo Who Came From Underground!! (11/16/74)
    • 6: The Inca Rope-Pattern Writing Mystery!! (11/23/74)


Geddon is the evil organization based in the Amazon before moving to Japan, bent on world dominion and fueled by human blood.
Ten-Faced Demon Gorgos

Garanda Empire

Garanda Empire
The Garanda Empire makes its appearance prior to Gorgos's death, taking the Gaga Bracelet for their own use as they go on a campaign of terrorist attacks on Tokyo to make it into their seat of power before going after the rest of the world. Led by the mysterious "Ruler" and stationed underground in trap-filled base, the Garanda Empire also uses Beastmen as their kaijin..


GiGi Armlet
It s a mysterious O-Part of the Incas that was created 120 years ago as one of two keys that would allow the user of the two to rule the world with Incan super science. The GiGi Armlet serves as Amazon's power source along with being the only thing keeping him alive. Grafted unto his left arm, Daisuke is originally unaware of the Armlet's true power until he found the Quipu that revealed it.


Tobei Tachibana
Ally of the original Kamen Riders. Motorbike specialist. He helps Amazon settle in Japan.
Masahiko Okamura

Geddon Beastmen

The kaijin utilized by Geddon are called Beastmen, grotesque bestial beings created by Gorgos. Having the strength of beasts with human intelligence, the Beastmen are conditioned to defeat the enemy even if they die in the process and such actions like retreating or failure are punishable by death and then are cooked for Gorgos to feed on.