Kamen Rider Skyrider

  • Cast

Akira Shioji
Emperor Terror Macro
Ayumu Iwaki
Mamoru Murayama
Hiroaki Murakami
Hiroshi Tsukuba, Kamen Rider Skyrider
Hiroo Kawarazaki

Kamen Rider Skyrider

  • Episodes

    • 1: An Altered Human Flies in the Sky (10/05/79)
    • 2: Bizarre! Spidern Man (10/12/79)
    • 3: It's Courage! The Fear of the Bat Flute (10/19/79)
    • 4: Two Altered Humans, the Angry Rider Break (10/26/79)
    • 5: Fly, Ride on a Girl's Dreams (11/02/79)
    • 6: Kinokojin! The Devil's Hands are Cold (11/09/79)
    • 7: Kamagirijin! The Dreadful Ceremony (11/16/79)


Doctor Keitaro Shido
A scientist targeted by Neo-Shocker who was responsible for Tsukuba becoming Skyrider. To keep a low profile, having hang glided in his youth, Shido founded the Shido Hang Glide Club and last aided SkyRider in disarming a Plus-Alpha Bomb before leaving the country to join the Anti-Neo-Shocker Committee.
Midori Kano
Shido's aide.


The Tornado is Skyrider's transformation belt and can give off the Super Light Wave from the Tornado. Skyrider can perform the Sailing Jump using the Gravity Reduction Equipment system on his henshin belt. Like his predecessors, this belt is powered by wind.
Sky Turbo
The Sky Turbo is Skyrider's motorcycle and can perform the Rider Break.


Shocker is once again reformed as the Neo-Shocker organization.
Great Boss of Neo-Shocker
A giant dragon who is the leader of the Neo-Shocker organization. Destroyed in a bomb explosion. He appeared in Episodes 52 to 54.

Neo-Shocker Kaijin

Neo-Shocker Kaijin
A chameleon monster, it was the one responsible for killing Tsukuba friends in retaliation for Tsukuba interference. He was the first of Neo-Shocker kaijin to be destroyed by Skyrider's Sky Kick.
Episode 1