Kamen Rider V3

  • Cast

Akiji Kobayashi
Tobei Tachibana
Bunya Nakamura
Marshal Armor
Bunya Nakamura
Marshal Yoroi
Eiji Go

Kamen Rider V3

  • Episodes

    • 1: Rider No. 3 His Name is V3! (02/17/73)
    • 2: Last Testament of the Double Riders (02/24/73)
    • 3: The Execution of V3 (03/03/73)
    • 4: V3's 26 Secrets!? (03/10/73)
    • 5: Snake-Man With a Machinegun! (03/17/73)
    • 6: Enter, Hammer-Jellyfish! V3 Unleash Your Killing Technique!! (03/24/73)
    • 7: The Fury of Rider V3's Special Training (03/31/73)

Destron Inhumanoids - Fang Tribe

Fang Tribe
This is the Destron group led by Baron Fang. Its members were cultists practing an evil magic called Doovoo (not to be confused with Voodoo magic):
Skull Warthog
A warthog monster. Destroyed by V3's V3 Flying Kick.
Episodes 30-31

Destron Inhumanoids - Wing Unit

Wing Unit
This is the Destron group led by Archbishop Wing. The Wing Unit is an ancient cult of vampires:
Flame Condor
A condor monster. Destroyed by V3's Big Sky Punch and Big Sky Kick.
Episode 36

Destron Inhumanoids - Armored Division

Armored Division
This is the Destron group led by Marshal Armor. They are the most powerful monsters used by Destron:
An armadillo monster. Destroyed by V3's V3 Revolving Full Kick.
Episode 41


Kamen Rider 1 / Takeshi Hongo
Takeshi was made into a Kamen Rider by Shocker but he chose to fight against them. He and Hayato created V3.
Kamen Rider 2 / Hayato Ichimonji
Hayato was also made into a superhuman, he decided to fight the Shocker as well. He later fought alongside Takeshi. He and Takeshi created V3.

Kamen Rider V3

Kamen Rider V3
JAPAN 1973 - 1974
Episode Count: 52
Air Date: February 17, 1973 - February 09, 1974

Destron Inhumanoids - Mechanical Army

Destron Inhumanoids
Destron's Inhumnoids are sorted into different groups: The Mechanical Army, the Fang Tribe, the Wing Unit, and the Armored Division.
Mechanical Army
This is the Destron Group first used by the Great Leader and later led by Doktor G. Doktor G creates the monsters under his command using black magic and technological science: