Kamen Rider X

  • Cast

Akiji Kobayashi
Tobei Tachibana
Chisako Kosaka
Jun Tazaki
Keitaro Jin
Miyuki Hayata

Kamen Rider X

  • Episodes

    • 1: X X X - Rider Is Born (02/16/74)
    • 2: Run, Cruiser - X Rider (02/23/74)
    • 3: Assassination Dark Spider Operation (03/02/74)
    • 4: GOD , The Shadow Of Fear (03/09/74)
    • 5: The One Eyed Monster's Human Review Operation (03/16/74)
    • 6: The Japanese Island Fragmentation Plan (03/23/74)
    • 7: The Terrible Genius Human Project (03/30/74)

Kamen Rider X

Kamen Rider X
JAPAN 1974
Episode Count: 35
Air Date: February 16, 1974 - October 12, 1974


Tobei Tachibana
The mentor of the previous Kamen Riders.
Ryoko Mizuki


It is X-Rider's transformation belt and main weapon, kept in his belt until it's needed. The Ridol is a multipurpose weapon with four buttons that each activate a mode.
Ridol Whip
Accessed when X-Rider presses the "H" button on the Ridol. X-Rider can use it like fencing sword.


The Secret Organization G.O.D., short for the Government of Darkness, is the evil organization that X battles against.
G.O.D. General Commander
A mystery man who commands the monsters using various objects with tape recorders which record his commands.
Apollo Geist

Keisuke (X)

Name: Keisuke Jin
Designation: Kamen Rider X
Weapons: Ridol Whip, Ridol Stick, Ridol Rope, Longpole
Gear: Ridol, Cruiser

Myth Monsters

Myth Monsters
The first set of monsters used by G.O.D., the Myth Monsters are based on Greek Mythology.
A Neptune-themed Piranha monster. It was responsible for killing Jin's father. Destroyed by X's X Kick. Neptune was later revived in the movie and killed by the 5 Riders. He was revived again in episode 27 and killed by X's X Kick.

Villain Monsters

Villain Monsters
The second set of monsters used by G.O.D., the Villain Monsters are based on historic or fictional figures, usually villains. They are King Dark's personal servants.
Genghis Khan Condor
A Genghis Khan-themed Condor monster. It was destroyed by X's X Kick. Genghis Khan Condor was later revived in the movie and killed by the 5 Riders.