Kamen Rider ZX - Arsenal

ZX Belt
The ZX Belt is Ryo's transformation belt that allows him to transform into ZX.
The Helldiver is ZX's personal motorcycle.

Kamen Rider ZX - Allies

Rumi Ichijo
She is a girl who is the daughter of the doctor killed by Badan. She gives Ryo temporary peacefulness.
Dr. Hajime Kaido
He is Ryo's father's friend and is the researcher of the biochemistry which is also the teacher of a university. He cooperates in Ryo unstintingly.

Badan Empire

The Badan Empire
The Badan Empire is the name of an evil organization in Birth of the 10th! Kamen Riders All Together!! The Badan Empire is an amalgamation of all the previous evil groups, wishing to complete the desire of world dominion that its predecessors never obtained.
The Generalissimo of Badan

Ryo (ZX)

Name: Ryo Murasame
Designation: Kamen Rider ZX
Equipment: ZX Belt, Helldiver